Jedox 6 – What`s New

Jedox 6 – What`s New
Jedox 6 – What‘s New
Jedox 6: Transparent. Smarter. Faster. Seamless.
Transform your business with unified planning
and analytics anywhere.
1. Work transparently
Strengthen planning compliance and monitoring
In Jedox 6, we’ve created a fully transparent audit trail history and workflow management to help you maintain control
over your data lineage and comply with regulatory requirements.
1.1 Complete audit history
With Jedox 6, you can keep users’ familiarity with Excel
and strongly enhance compliance. The newly enhanced
Jedox audit history tracks any changes to any data. The
detailed activity log documents your history of changes,
and how a certain value was changed, to make your
process transparent and secure.
You simply can right-click cell history directly from any
cell on a planning or reporting template. This history
documents all direct changes to the value.
The executive team sets top-down budget
targets for department managers and product
categories. Each account manager reviews
their targets and makes specific adjustments
in the bottom-up planning step. At any time,
managers track the individual budget entries
and negotiation steps by viewing the history of
any value cells to understand what was changed
and why it was changed.
Jedox empowers us to drill through our
data and see exactly where each figure
comes from, who entered it, and why.
One of the biggest challenges in corporate planning is
transparency – in data, consolidation and workflows.
Companies that still use Excel for planning can’t track
history or document complex processes. By using only
Excel, they increase business risk.
Marion Seidenstücker, Head of Central Group
Controlling, Vivantes
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Figure 1: Cell History
To audit cell history, simply right-click on a cell, from anywhere.
1.2 Instant workflow
Corporate planning involves multiple negotiation
rounds with different organizational units. In Jedox 6,
we’ve created a new workflow definition to combine
a best practice workflow approach. You can create
new workflows and control your planning process at
individual steps to completely monitor and manage
process status.
Workflow includes:
⊲⊲ Activity type – budget contribution, review
⊲⊲ Responsible person
⊲⊲ Follow-up actions - messaging updates
⊲⊲ Date due
⊲⊲ Assigned reports
⊲⊲ Access control status
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Figure 2: Workflow In Jedox 6
Live monitoring of process status
Jedox is not a black box at all, which
is a huge advantage. Data streams,
dependencies, and permissions are
transparent at all times.
Simply create a new workflow and comment on
the analysis directly in the Jedox Web workflow
template and approve the results for the
following sub-process. Department managers
can then define specific activities, KPIs,
responsibilities and deadlines. Automated status
messaging and logging ensure transparency.
Oliver Dammann, Sales Controlling,
MBG International Premium Brands
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Jedox 6: Transparent. Smarter. Faster. Seamless.
Transform your business with unified planning
and analytics anywhere.
2. Work smarter
2. Work smarter
Be more productive with powerful unified views
Jedox 6 introduces powerful unified views to truly data-driven organization. You can share and use views
consistently from any device. Smart wizards, comprehensive defaults and extended options make it even easier to
design and publish beautiful reports and planning templates.
2.1 Personalized data views
We’ve completely revamped data views with a modern,
simplified design. We’ve rebuilt our query engine from
the ground up to standardize data views across all
Jedox components. By compressing the views into a
single query, we’ve reduced network traffic complexity,
increasing speed.
Redesigned views make using models faster and more
Views make Jedox usage consistent across every
device, and even easier to use. New features make
self-service reporting even smarter:
Faster and more scalable views with
server-side zero suppression
Display sums below details (parents below
Multi-select for titles to quickly calculate
averages (min, max and sums)
Save ad-hoc formatting for professional
Dynamic charts filters and visualizations
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Figure 3: Personalized data views
Cloud and on-premise unified views in Excel, Web, Mobile
2.2 Beautiful by default. Create attractive insights instantly
We’ve enhanced charts and visualizations and report formatting to provide users with eye-catching designs from
the very first click. “Beautiful by default” reports ensure that you save time with compelling visuals. Instead of
perfecting the appearance of your reports before a management meeting, you can focus attention on analyzing
insights from your data. And of course, you have highly tailored formatting options to flexibly adapt default formats to
your corporate standards.
Jedox 6 - What´s new
2.3 Self-service data modeling
2.4 Jedox Web enhancements
We’e enhanced self-service modelling. You can now
quickly label and categorize unformatted data and
control the structure. With one-click you can go from
messy spreadsheets to sharing richly interactive online
multi-dimensional models.
We’ve enhanced Jedox Web to make it more seamless
for Excel users. Power users and report designers benefit
from the following ExcelPLUS functions in Jedox 6:
⊲ Redesigned Jedox Analyzer for ad hoc queries in
report mode
⊲ Undo for everything in Jedox Web spreadsheet
⊲ Copy/Paste/Undo functions for charts,
DynaRanges, combo boxes and other Jedox
⊲ Expanded chart options (e.g. hiding/showing
axes, columns and rows)
Figure 4: Data Import Wizard
Enhanced data preparation in Jedox 6
Jedox‘s high flexibility makes it the
perfect tool for data-driven processes.
Our users customize reports without
layout restrictions and adjust them to the
corporate design.
Preview your data while transferring data from
Excel to Jedox. With the interactive preview, you
can quickly enhance and adapt data for your
Didier Thomas, Head of MIS systems,
Banque CIC (Suisse)
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Jedox 6: Transparent. Smarter. Faster. Seamless.
Transform your business with unified planning
and analytics anywhere.
3. Work faster
3. Work faster
Accelerated data performance
We’ve added performance boosters to the Jedox server. The multidimensional in-memory database performs
high-speed write-back, calculation, and consolidation. We’ve developed powerful new features, increasing query
speed and big data query performance.
3.1 Dynamic data engine (DDE): Speed
through simplicity
3.2 Understand relationships with the
business logic explorer
Jedox uses in-memory rules to support complex
calculations that are essential for modelling and
The new business logic explorer in Jedox 6 visualizes
how business logic and rules are calculated so you can
optimize them accordingly. This is highly useful when
you create driver-based planning where business rules
are modelled and dependent on other business rules.
Rules traditionally required markers to optimize
performance by identifying the scope of the calculation.
On CPU, the Jedox 6 dynamic data engine (DDE)
simplifies business rules because Jedox automatically
optimizes which rules have priority to manage queries
dynamically so you can write business rules without
markers. This makes it faster and easier to develop
sophisticated planning and modelling solutions with
consistently high performance.
Power users can instantly drill and understand how any
cell is calculated. This transparency provides significant
advantages for collaboration, audit and compliance.
On GPU, we’ve enhanced rule scope to take even higher
advantage of the massive parallel data processing
capability for scenario modelling, planning and what-if.
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Figure 5: Business Logic Explorer
The business logic explorer provides insights on calculations and relationships
3.3 First, Last and Average with semi-additive measures
With Jedox 6 ad-hoc views and reports, in addition to
sum, you can now select different totals: mean of child
members, first or last child member and average in realtime.
In Jedox modeller, you can now also create semiadditive measures for dimensions that are not summed
by default. Simply select the dimension used for
semi-additive aggregations.
Create MTD average and YTD averages for
Daily Sales without rules or specific
consolidation weights.
Figure 6: Semi-additive measures
New dialog for semi-additive measures
Jedox 6 - What´s new
3.4 New performance monitor for administrators
We’ve made a complete new addition to server
management for administrators. The new Performance
Monitor gives real-time insight over server performance
measures and tracks them over time.
Metrics include:
⊲⊲ CPU utilization
⊲⊲ Memory utilization (visual/physical)
⊲⊲ Number of threads
⊲⊲ Input/output benchmark
⊲⊲ Number of opened reports
⊲⊲ Number of logged-in users
⊲⊲ Performance write-back jobs on server
Figure 7: Performance Monitor
Administrators can easily monitor system performance indicators
The query performance and dashboard
refreshes are just sensational.
Udo Stang, Head IT-Germany,
Project Manager Europe,
Zimmer Germany
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Jedox 6: Transparent. Smarter. Faster. Seamless.
Transform your business with unified planning
and analytics anywhere.
4. Work seamlessly
4. Work seamlessly
Connected systems. Connected teams.
Jedox 6 enhances your ability to connect and combine data from cloud and on-premise. You can connect and
combine heterogeneous data sources into a common view.
4.1 New connectors for 360-degree views in the cloud
The new Salesforce Connector for Jedox
empowers you to directly link the world’s #1
cloud CRM.
The connector means you connect to your
Salesforce data and can use powerful Jedox
planning and analytics seamlessly inside the
Salesforce interface.
Jedox APIs can also connect to Salesforce
directly in real-time which provides powerful
extensions to Salesforce while providing a
consistent user experience for your mobile
sales team.
Because such modelling is exactly what
Jedox provides, now you can create pricing
models with all business rules inside Jedox,
seamlessly combining product master data
from your ERP. Your sales teams get a consistent
experience using Salesforce. For example, as
they enter volume and sell price into Salesforce,
Jedox analyzes and provides information to
Salesforce in real-time to identify margins and
sign off workflow. Your Commercial team can
run pricing scenarios and what-ifs on the same
data within Jedox; and your Finance team can
compare quotations directly with actual sales
to understand profitability implications from
where discounting is offered and where it is
accepted by customers.
Jedox + Salesforce combines CRM, Analytics
and Performance Management in the cloud.
For example, complex product costing models
or customer margin calculations are outside
of normal CRM capability and may still be
dependent on disconnected spreadsheets or
enormous lookup tables.
Jedox 6 - What´s new
The new Jedox Qlik connector means data
discovery solutions like Qlik can now go Beyond
BI and enable users to plan the future.
This gives companies with existing investments
in Qlik a powerful best-of-breed approach.
Finance users who are experienced Excel
users can now use the rich Jedox
functionality to strealine consolidation and
planning processes from the familiar Jedox
Excel add-in and seamlessly share the data to
users via Qlik for Data Discovery. Qlik users can
now consistently use their existing Qlik reports
and dashboards while optimizing their planning
with powerful CPM functionality.
You can now go from Jedox to Qlik and from
Qlik to Jedox. This means Jedox can easily
access actuals data held in Qlik for planning
purposes and at the same time the Jedox
Integrator can provide budgets and forecasts
from Jedox as Qlik .qvx files, to be seamlessly
used in your Qlik applications.
Hadoop and Cloudera:
We’ve extended the SAP connector so users
can connect to their SAP HANA database.
Companies that already run their SAP ERP/BW
systems on this database can easily integrate
their Jedox system to their SAP landscape to
directly use HANA data with the powerful
Jedox planning and GPU accelerator.
Apache Hadoop is a powerful software
framework that enables parallel processing of
large disparate pools of data in the petabyte
range. These data lakes are often unstructured
and do not offer any real insights. If you already
use Apache Hadoop from Cloudera to solve
complex computing tasks, you can connect
the tool directly to Jedox to generate big
insights from big data. Using the comfortable
Web interface of Jedox Integrator, users can
automatically transfer data from Hadoop to
transformations and aggregations. Big data
integration with Jedox.
Combining the HANA connector with the SAPcertified Business Package for optimized Jedox
reports within the SAP Enterprise Portal means
SAP users can use enhanced SSOfunctionality, striking Jedox reports and
beautiful dashboards optimized for the SAP
user interface.
Jedox 6 - What´s new
4.2 Microsoft Office 365
Cloud provides agility, scalability and a fast return on investment for many different business applications. Microsoft
Office is no exception. If your company is preparing to migrate from Excel to Microsoft Office 365 cloud, you can still
use Jedox. Jedox 6 offers a direct connection to Office cloud and supports one-click publishing from the desktop
Excel add-in to Microsoft Office 365. This means you can interact with Jedox familiar ad-hoc views, as well as interact
and edit Jedox reports directly within Office 365.
Figure 8: Excel to MS Office 365
With Jedox 6 you can directly publish from Microsoft Excel to Office 365
Jedox 6 - What´s new
4.3 Social BI
Collecting relevant data for sales forecasting, human
resource planning, procurement and other projects
spanning multiple departments consumes time. Jedox
streamlines business processes with a unified planning
environment as a single point of truth and eliminates
the time-consuming manual processes. Jedox helps
you align business departments like Finance, Sales and
Operations with a consistent and unified planning using
common drivers and assumptions.
Feature details:
⊲ Individual comment streams for each report
⊲ Personalized avatars
⊲ Direct reply function
⊲ One-click attachment uploads (e.g. PDF files,
images, PowerPoint, Office 365 snapshots)
⊲ Publishes to Microsoft Office, Web, cloud and
any Mobile device
With Jedox 6 we’ve enhanced this dynamic interaction
with a new social collaboration platform. Drawing from
familiarity with social media platforms, you can add
comments and notes to a Jedox report and answer
questions and upload attachments to previous postings.
By enhancing the collaboration companies can draw
insights more quickly and efficiently coordinate
complex planning and reporting across many
departments and geographies.
Interact on interim numbers during month-end
close to finalize commentary and feedback on
variance analysis for the monthly board report in
Figure 9: Social BI with Jedox 6
Individual comment streams
With the Salesforce Connector for Jedox, we always know the status of our sales projects and
can respond with targeted, timely actions.
Thomas Kremer, Head SalesControlling,
Zimmer Germany GmbH
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Jedox 6: Transparent. Smarter. Faster. Seamless.
Transform your business with unified planning
and analytics anywhere.
5. Work anywhere
5. Work anywhere
Redesigned and optimized mobile experience
Jedox has been a mobile leader, providing innovative mobile dashboards and simulation capabilities on tablets and
apps for mobile planning. Jedox 6 opens a whole new world of mobile capability.
5.1 Unified mobile experience
5.2 Touch-optimized interface
Jedox Mobile Ad hoc and Jedox Touch are now
Jedox Mobile. We’ve unified all mobile functionality
into a seamless mobile app with rich functionality, faster
speed, and enhanced security. You gain a consistent
experience from using Jedox on a desktop PC to using
Jedox cloud on any device.
We have redesigned and enhanced the mobile app with
more mobile navigation including drag-and-drop, pinchand-zoom, wipe and swivel. You can instantly view
results, visualizations and adjust your view at any time.
Figure 10: Enhanced user interface
Unified Mobile BI, Analytics and planning
Jedox 6 - What´s new
5.3 Mobile BI: Seamless Web and cloud
We’ve optimized connectivity from mobile to your Jedox
server, on-premise and on the cloud. You can still go
from Excel to anywhere with one-click publishing from
your laptop to any mobile device for your planning,
reports and dashboards, now with an even faster
user experience. Using optimized and secure direct
connectivity from your mobile to server, Jedox 6 gives
you higher performance even when your network
access is limited.
5.4 Design ad hoc dashboards anywhere
Jedox 6 lets you design and share ad hoc dashboards
quickly. You can open and share existing reports, and
generate custom queries quickly for greater insight. The
new ad hoc dashboards transform your smartphone or
tablet into a productive BI and CPM tool.
Figure 11: Ad hoc dashboard
Create individual queries on the go
5.5 Plan anywhere
5.6 Offline mobile information
With Jedox Mobile’s write-back capabilities, you can
access full-fledged forecasting and budgeting from
anywhere. You have all rich Jedox planning functionality
at your fingertips, including Top-Down and Bottom-Up
methodologies and commentary. As you enter data
this calculates any business rules and consolidates in
With Jedox 6 Mobile along with dashboards and report
favorites and local customization, you can distribute PDFs
and any other offline documents in your repository. This
means users can store content individually and access
their report favorites in seconds. From a corporate
governance perspective, you can control whether users
may store offline content, and all local data is stored with
highly secure encryption technology to ensure that your
data is always safe, on any device.
Sales teams can adjust forecasts from
smartphones or tablets, adjust for unpaid items
and incoming orders. This dramatically shortens
planning cycles and improves your agility.
Figure 12: Mobile Information management
Supply extended information quickly through
mobile content management
Jedox 6 - What´s new
5.7 Optimized scheduling
We’ve enhanced the report manager to publish and
send offline content via email. With the new scheduler,
you can distribute custom reports based on individual
permissions as automated PDFs. Jedox 6 adds new
functions including batch PDF reports for multiple
users and user groups. Scheduler now also stores
reports and Jedox-enabled Excel sheets centrally where
defined user groups can access them. Scheduler is
synchronized with Jedox Mobile so users can access
their reports online and offline from anywhere. You save
time because you can create a single schedule rather
than individual schedules for different recipients.
5.8 Cloud Console 2.0: More flexibility, more
We have added additional controls in the Jedox Cloud
console to makes cloud deployments even smoother.
We’ve redesigned the login and administration console
with a new look and feel. Cloud managers can view
the current status of their testing, restart and extend
cloud instances. You can adjust personal settings like
language for all users and view all connection data.
Cloud uses advanced encryption algorithms to enable
robust and secure corporate planning and reporting
With Jedox we quickly gather worldwide
ad-hoc information and provide this to end
users information anywhere in the world.
Thomas Seeler, Head of Corporate
Controlling, DyStar
Figure 13: Optimizes scheduling
Save time publishing and sending offline reports,
PDFs and spreadsheets
Jedox 6 - What´s new
Start your free Jedox 6 trial and discover powerful
planning, effective analytics and beautiful
reporting, on every device.
See our “Technical What’s new in Jedox 6”
document for more information on extensions,
features and optimization.
Help us improve Jedox: Use the Jedox Feature
Voting tool in our community and share your
ideas with us.
Jedox’s unified planning, analysis and reporting
empowers decision-makers from finance,
sales, purchasing and marketing. Jedox helps
business users work smarter, streamline
business collaboration, and make insight-based
decisions with confidence. Our design approach
is transforming how organizations plan. Already,
over 1,700 companies in 127 countries are using
Jedox for real-time planning on the web, the
cloud, and on any device.
Jedox is a leading Business Intelligence and
Corporate Performance Management solutions
provider, available globally through over 180
certified business partners. Jedox provides
software, support and ongoing training, with
implementation and maintenance expertise for
customers worldwide.
Learn more about Business-Driven Intelligence
Matthias Krämer
CTO, Jedox AG
+1 617 532 0388
+61 1300 406 334
+49 (0) 761 15147 0
+33 1 42 68 52 20
[email protected]
Diana Kuch
Public Relations Manager, Jedox AG
Sven Aker
Graphics-/ Webdesign, Jedox AG
Jedox 6 - What´s new
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