Sitecom USB to Fast Irda adapter
Data sheet: CN-100
USB IrDA adapter
91.g gr.
74 (W) x 48 (D) x 39 mm(H)
339 gr.
209 (W) x 65 (D) x 145,5 mm(H)
1.9 kg.
35 (W) x 22 (D) x 16 cm(H)
8.4 kg.
46 (W) x 34(D) x 37 cm(H)
The Sitecom USB IrDA Adapter enables you to communicate with your telephone, printer, PDA etc. via an infra-red
connection. The fast infra-red connection which this communication product uses, means that it can be used in an
almost endless number of applications. The USB to infra-red adapter can be installed very easily and is generally
recognised instantly in Windows.
USB IrDA Adapter
USB A-B Cable
User Manual
Driver CD
Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
CD Rom drive
Wireless communication between PC and other
infra-red peripherals
Full compliance with USB v1.1
Full compliance with IrDA v1.0 , 1.1
Full speed USB device operation at 12 Mbps data rate
Support SIR and FIR from 115K bps to 4M bps data
transfer rate
Plug & Play capability for outside peripherals.
Windows 98SE/ Me/ 2000 and XP compatible.
Support SIR and FIR
SIR supports up to 115 Kbps transfer rate
FIR supports 4 Mbps transfer rate
Supports external IrDA v1.2 compliant PHY
P. 1-1.
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