Draytek Vigor 2900VG

Draytek Vigor 2900VG
Security VolP Router
* Highly integrated broadband security router,
combining high-speed routing technology
with a comprehensive security suite of firewall,
VPN, VolP, URL content filtering facilities, as well as
bandwidth management capability, print-server,
and secure wireless access point
Vigor Z900V7
VoIP (Voice over IP) Virtu al Private Network (VPN) Facilities
m Supports twin FXS (phone) ports to make and receive = High performance VPN device
real-time voice calls using your existing Internet connection. = Up to 32 simultaneous VPN tunnels
M Dialin or dial-out, LAN-t0-LAN or Teleworkerto-LAN <
* Integration of existing telecom infrastructure m Protocol support for PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec 9
with VOIP technology ® Encryption support for AES, MPPE, and hardware- 2
* State-of-the art solution for using your existing based DES/ 3DES E
broadband connectivity to save voice call costs, and ® Authentication support for MD5 and SHA-1 un
provide additional call capacity. ® IKE key management Е
*» An ideal replacement for long-distance call services mM Interoperable with other leading 3rd party =
between remote offices or telecommuters. vendor VPN devices or software 5
WAN/Internet Flexible URL Content Filteri ng Е
= One 10/100M Base-TX ith a RJ-45 Mm Block URL (web-site) by user-defined keywords o
ne / ase port with a connector E Preclude web surfing from using directly IP address 2
я Static IP sddress aos for fixed IP networks m Block automatic download of Java applets and Active X controls о
w Block web site cookies and proxy Un
Mm PPPoE/PPTP client for ADSL service ® Block http downloads of file types: Executable/Compressed/ r
LAN Multi-media
mM Support time schedule to control the restrictions and regular
m 4 port 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet switch Internet access
® DHCP server for IP assignment (up to 253 users)
= DNS cache and proxy . еда
E NAT (Network Address Translation) Bandwidth Man agement Facilities
M Virtual server via port redirection or open port feature ® Class-based bandwidth guarantee by user-defined
® VLAN support traffic categories
® Port-based rate throttling capability m Provision of inbound/outbound bandwidth control
m Support of eight Priority-Levels
Printer Server m Support of DiffServ-Codepoint marking
® One USB port connector
® Built-in LPR printer server Application Support
m Support for Win98/98SE/ME LPR printer = Windows Messenger, Yahoo Messenger,
mM Compatible with Win2000/XP/MacOS 9/MacOS X builtin MSN Messenger V6.0, NetMeeting, ICQ2001b/2002a,
LPR printer driver most online gaming, and other multimedia applications
® UPnP protocol support
Firewall Facilities
® Stateful packet inspection Router Management
mM Selectable DoS/DDoS protection m Web-based User Interface
= |P address anti-spoofing ® Command Line Interface (Telnet)
® Userconfigurable packet filtering m Telnet Remote Access Support
E NAT/PAT with Port Forwarding/Redirection & DMZ @ SNMP Agent with MIB-1I
® E-mail alerting mechanism ® Built-in Diagnostic Function
= Remote Firmware Upgrade
Wireless Access Point = Quick Start Wizard
= 802.11g support (54Mbps data rate) m Syslog Monitoring
® Twin high-gain antennas to give best coverage and diversity
® Backward compatible with 802.11b device
E Wireless security
« Secure VPN over WLAN
* WPA Support
* 802.1x User Authentication Jitter buffer (1
* 64/128-bit WEP wireless encryption
* Client MAC address locking Voice Processing
* SSID stealth G.729
Tone Generation DTMF, Dial,
and Detection Call
Technical Specifications
Hardware Interface LAN 4-port 10/100 BaseTX Switch with VLAN
WAN 1-port 10/100 BaseTX port with a RJ-45 connector
Printer 1-port USB for connecting to USB printer
VolP 2-port FXS
WLAN IEEE 802.11b/11g
WAN Protocol PPPoE, DHCP, PPTP, Static IP
NAT Multi-NAT,DMZ, Port Redirection, Open Ports, Pass-thru
(VPN, VolP, NetMeeting, MSN messenger, ICQ, Quake...etc.)
Firewall Features
Access Control, IP-based Packet Filtering, Stateful Packet
Inspection, Denial of Service Prevention
Virtual Private Network
IKE Key Management, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec
Hardware-based DES/3DES Encryption; AES Encryption
MPPE Encryption for PPTP; IPSec Authentication (MD5 and SHA-1)
Remote Access VPN; VPN Pass Through; Up to 32 tunnels;
RADIUS Support
Routing Support
RIPv2, Configurable Static Route
Network Features
DHCP server/relay, Dynamic DNS, Call Scheduling, RADIUS Client
Traffic Management
Guaranteed Bandwidth, Maximum Bandwidth Limitation
Eight Priority Levels Support, DiffServ Codepoint marking Support
URL Filtering
URL Blocking with Exception Handling; Java/ActiveX/Cookies/
proxy Blocking; Executable/Compressed/multimedia file Blocking;
URL Blocking by User-defined Keywords; Time schedule Support
Time Schedule Support; Web-based User Interface
Command Line Interface (Telnet)
Telnet Remote Access Support; SNMP Agent with MIB-I
Built-in Diagnostic Function; Remote Firmware Upgrade
Quick Start Wizard; Syslog Monitoring; Attack Alert by E-mail
Secure Remote management
WLAN Access Point
Regulatory approval
Security 64/128-bit WEP
802.1x; WPA
SSID stealth
Access Control MAC address locking
Transmission Rate
IEEE802.11g and 11b backward compatibility
Max. Power Consumption
Dimension (cm)
10 Watt
DC 15V
ГОТ НЫ | 1
то PWR| VoIP Switch WAN Factory
Printer Power Reset
— Cable/xDS5L
РВ modem
Trademarks and brand names are the properties of their respective owners.
Cable/ADSL line
Operating temperature:0"to 45 C (32 to 113 F)
Operating humidituy:90% maximum relative humidity, noncondensing
Content filtering
rate control
Bandwidth Management
Up to 32 VPN tunnels
encrypted VPN transmission
ES Firewall
The scope of delivery and other details are subject to change without prior notice.
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