Philips HD6145/80 Datasheet

Philips HD6145/80 Datasheet
Deep fat fryer
2400 W, auto-shut off, timer
Cool zone system
Enjoy the food, share the fun
Clean and long-lasting oil with cool zone system
Removable multi-layer filter
With its cool zone system, this Philips deep-fat fryer prevents food particles from burning,
which keeps the oil cleaner for longer. Fried food has never been tastier! All parts except
the control panel are dishwashable for easy cleaning.
Cool zone system for cleaner, longer-lasting oil
• Prevents food particles from burning for cleaner and tastier frying
Hassle-free preparation
• Removable multi-layer filter reduces unwanted frying smells
• Digital timer allows pre-setting of frying time
• Extra large capacity for family-sized servings
• High power for quick and tasty food
Digital timer
Dishwashable parts
Quick and easy cleaning
• All parts are dishwashable except control panel
• Removable inner bowl for easy oil pouring and cleaning
• Additional oil container: ideal for oil filtering & storage
Safe to use
• Fryer switches off automatically 120 minutes after frying
• On/off switch for additional safety
• Rise and fall frying basket prevents oil splashes
Removable inner bowl
Deep fat fryer
2400 W, auto-shut off, timer
Product highlights
General specifications
Viewing window
Cool wall exterior
Non-stick inner bowl
Automatic lid release
Detachable, hinged lid
Adjustable thermostat
Temperature light
Cord storage
Power-on light
Non-slip feet
Technical Specifications
Electricity: 2400 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Capacity: 1250 g
Oil content: 3.5 l
Cord length: 1.2 m
Design and finishing
• Colour: White with cornhusk yellow accents
• Materials: Plastic (PP)
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions (W x H x D): 300 x 265 x
405 mm
• Weight of the appliance: 4.3 kg
Cool zone system
Prevents food particles from burning. This keeps the oil
cleaner, which is better for your health, and longer-lasting.
Your food has never been tastier!
Removable multi-layer filter
Reduces unwanted frying smells and is dishwashable.
There is no need for replacement.
Dishwashable parts
All parts are dishwashable except control panel, for quick
and easy cleaning.
Additional oil container
Ideal for oil filtering & storage. Filtering keeps the oil
cleaner - which is better for your health - and longerlasting. The container can also be used for storing used
Auto-shut off switch
Ultimate safety: fryer switches off automatically 120
minutes after the last frying session.
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