YUMMY - Instructions
YUMMY - Instructions
Contents: 106 Playing Cards -(21x3,
20x4, 20x5, 24x6, 21x7).
Object of the Game: To collect as many
cards as possible by creating sets.
Set Up: Shuffle all of the cards and deal
them out evenly to the players. Depend-
ing on the number of people, some
players may get an extra card, which will
not effect the outcome of the game. Each
player, without looking at his cards, puts
them face down in a pile in front of them.
Each player then draws the top three
cards into their hand. Choose a player to
Play: The first player lays down one, two,
or three cards face up in the middle of the
table. He then replaces the cards he
played with cards from his own pile so
that he again has three cards in his hand.
Play proceeds to the left.
Laying Down Cards: As the cards are
played, they should be laid face up on the
table. Cards with the same value are
placed In a stack overlapping each other,
3's on 3's, 4's on 4's, etc. Make sure the
cards are placed so that it is always clear
how many cards are in each stack.
Creating Sets: A set is complete when
the number of cards in the stack equals
the value of the card. For example, if the
third 3 is played on the stack of 3's, that
constitutes a set. That player then
removes the set from the middle of the
table and puts it in his scoring pile to be
counted at the end of the game. A new
stack of 3's can be started by another
player or the same player on his next turn.
Winning the Game: The game ends
when one player has used all of his cards.
The winner is the player who collected the
most cards.
© 2000 Ravensburger Spieleverlag
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