Violin Microphone

Violin Microphone
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Violin Microphone
Clamp the microphone to the instrument as shown. Tighten the screw enough to
hold the microphone in position but take care not to over tighten. Connect
the cable to the phono (RCA) socket on the microphone and to either input on the PSU.
Using an appropriate cable connect the PSU to the mixer/amp.
If you are connecting via an XLR input, the phantom power must
be switched off on that channel. If this is impossible because your
mixer has global phantom power and it is needed for another
device, a DI box should be used to isolate the phantom power.
The microphone will work using the line (jack) input on your amplifier/mixer but the volume
level may be low. If this is the case then
connect to the ‘Mic’ input for maximum volume. This is often a three pin XLR socket. You
will need a 1/4” jack to XLR cable or an adaptor. The standard pin configuration is:
Signal - Pin 2
Screen - Pins 1&3
Do not connect the microphone directly to the mixer input without a PSU. It will not work and there is a risk of damaging
the element.
The PSU has two inputs to allow for instruments which need two microphones (Accordion, Concertina etc.) Both inputs
are factory set at maximum gain. The adjustable input can be turned down in order to balance the mics. See the
diagram below.
The microphone will work with most guitar wireless systems. Plug the guitar transmitter cable into the PSU output socket.
Replace the battery at least annually with a good quality product.
Adjusting balance
Standard PSU
Adjustable (red) input socket
Rotate anti-clockwise to reduce volume
of adjustable input
Battery 9v Pp3
Battery level indicator
Power is switched off when jack is removed
Battery -1.5v AAA
Mini PSU
This product is guaranteed for three years from the date of purchase. Any faults which are not
caused by misuse will be repaired free of charge within that period.
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