Philips SBCFL220 Datasheet

Philips SBCFL220 Datasheet
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Philips LightLife
Brighten your life
With this designer pocket indoor flashlight
Whatever type of flashlight you want, the LightLife range perfectly answers your needs
and budget. Made with quality materials, each LightLife is fitted with a genuine Philips
lamp for optimal beam intensity and lifetime.
Top Performance
• Philips Krypton bulb offers 70% more light output
Ease of Use
• Pre-focused beam delivers optimal light output and focus
• Shock resistant housing withstands damage by shocks
• Nylon strap prevents you from losing your flashlight
• One-stop shopping includes 3x PowerLife AA
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Technical specifications
• Batteries included
• Battery type: AA / LR6 Alkaline
• Number of batteries: 3
Technical specifications
• Housing material: ABS
• Bulb type: KPR103
• Bulb voltage: 3.6 V
Product highlights
Green Specifications
• Packaging material: Carton, PET
• Packaging type: Clam shell blister
• Master carton quantity: 6
• Outer carton dimensions WxDxH: 205 x 290 x
160 mm
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 125 x 265 x 32
• Product weight: 0.182 kg
Philips Krypton bulb
A miniature bulb in which Krypton gas is used to
increase the light output up to 70% more than a
standard bulb.
Pre focused beam
Thanks to a pre-shaped lens and/or reflector the beam
provides the most optimal light output and focus.
Shock resistant
A special shock resistant plastic or rubber housing
prevents damage to your flashlight caused by shocks.
Nylon strap
This strap makes the flashlight easy to carry around and
prevents it from falling if it accidentally slips out of your
3x PowerLife AA included
The Philips batteries that are advised for the product
are enclosed in the packaging to make immediate use
Date of issue 2006-10-26
Version: 6.0
12 NC: 9082 100 02598
EAN: 87 11500 81653 5
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.
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