Angle of coverage
50˚, 35˚ and 20˚
Working distance
39 mm [1.5 in.]
Photographic magnifications
Total observation magnification (at zero diopter)
Diopter compensation range for patient’s eye
With 35 mm camera at zero diopter: 1.84X at 50˚, 2.45X at 35˚ and 4.28X at 20˚
10X at 50˚, 13.3X at 35˚ and 23.3X at 20˚
0 setting: –10 to +6 diopter
– setting: –9 to –23 diopter
+ setting: +5 to +23 diopter
A setting: +22 to +41 diopter (Ocular anterior photography)
Fluorescein angiography
Autofluorescence imaging (optional)
Red free photography: Green filter
Other filters: Two blank settings for inserting filters of user’s choice
ICG angiography filter set (available only with 50DX ICG)
Illumination diaphragm
Light source
Digital Ready
Three step changing system for patient’s pupil size
For observation: 12V 100W halogen lamp
For photography: Max 300WS Xenon lamp: adjustable in 21 steps
Flash recycling time: 1 second
Power supply unit
AC 120V, AC 220V, AC 230V and AC 240V adjustable with voltage selector
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption
Dimensions (Main body)
Weight (Main body)
MAX 1,500 VA/NORMAL 150 VA
340 (W) x 505 (D) x 589 (H) mm [13-3/8" (W) x 19-7/8" (D) x 23" (H)]
37 kg [81.5 lbs]
IMPORTANT: In order to obtain the best results with this instrument, please be sure to review all user instructions prior to operation.
* In compliance with the terms of the Export Administration Regulation of the United States of America, some of the (optional) software is not salable in some
regions/countries. Some of the (optional) software is not sold in some regions/countries. Subject to change in design and/or specifications without advanced notice.
37 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652
87 Northland Rd., Waterloo, ON N2V 1YB
800-387-6768 www.topcon.ca
The Gold Standard in Retinal Imaging
In the rapidly developing technology of digital cameras, retinal imaging techniques advance quickly
towards higher resolution and newer methods. Changing diagnostic applications require versatility,
precision and reliability more than ever before.
The Topcon TRC-50DX Retinal Camera incorporates new functions that enhance its versatility without
sacrificing Topcon's unsurpassed quality and exceptional reputation. The TRC-50DX can be used
with a variety of photo devices, from film camera backs to super-high resolution digital cameras.
A newly developed control panel, equipped with a touch screen, allows for a quick and easy change
of settings. Coupled with other unique features, this enables experienced as well as new users to
obtain high quality photography results.
Small Pupil Mode
Red Free
The flash intensity control has 21
levels and can be used in full or half
steps. Sensitive membrane buttons
permit total control of image brightness and are illuminated for use in
subdued light.
Auto Fluorescence
Adaptable Filter Mechanism
The "SMALL PUPIL" mode
permits imaging through pupils
as small as 4.5mm, which is
useful when the patient is not
well dilated due to medication
and other physiological reasons.
Filter mechanisms for barrier, exciter and supplemental filters are more easily accessible to allow
filter changes for replacement, choice of procedures and research projects.
Small Aperture
This diagnostic procedure is new to fundus camera imaging. It allows imaging of the ocular fundus
relying on the presence of lipofuscin in the retina pigment epithelium (RPE). The TRC-50DX features the capability of adding the additional exciter and barrier filters for use with digital monochromatic CCD cameras. Auto Fluorescence is a promising addition to other standard fundus
camera procedures. Auto Fluorescence is optional and requires an upgrade kit.
Working Distance Dots
Green alignment dots provide easy
confirmation of working distance
of the objective lens to the ocular
region. These alignment dots are
helpful for pre-injection positioning
in fluorescein angiography (FA), redfree, and color fundus photography.
Shown with MT-10 camera back.
Digital Transfer
The Topcon TRC-50DX features several unique capabilities which
enhance its use, increase convenience and reduce errors when
coupled with IMAGEnet™. The angle selection [20° – 35° – 50°]
as well as Left Eye – Right Eye transfer data directly to the patient
file automatically during image capture.
Immediate Access to
Stereo Image Capability
Stereo imaging is simple and repeatable
using the stereo locking lever. Two images
representing stereo pairs are captured
quickly and easily every time.
Designed with user convenience
in mind, the TRC-50DX features
an illuminated touch panel control that allows the operator to
change camera settings with a
light touch. All adjustments are
at the technician’s fingertips.
High and Wide Eyepiece Viewing
The eyepiece of the TRC-50DX is designed for high and
wide eye distance viewing making alignment and focusing
fast, easy and comfortable for the technician.
The “SMALL” setting produces
a sharper and easier to focus
image because of enhanced
Fundus Camera
Communicating with
Ophthalmic Image
Management System
• Transfer of Left Eye – Right Eye
• Field of view 20° – 35° – 50°
• Enters into permanent Patient Database file
• Eliminates transcription errors
Superior Measuring Functions
• Photo dynamic therapy
• Linear distance and area measurement
• ETDRS segmentation report
• Cup to disk ratio
• Stereo viewing with measuring
Capture Station
Flexible Print Control Panel
• Click on the desired template, apply the chosen images and the print template is built automatically
• Individual image enhancements
• Customizable print templates
• Multiple print sizes
Visual Fields
Database Power
• Fully compatible with all IMAGEnet releases
• Easy to navigate
• Access all patient data with powerful IMAGEnet Search™ function
Ophthalmic Devices
Desktop PC
EMR (if required)
Image Compare
• Easily compare multiple images side-by-side
• Map overlay from one image to another
Easy Image Navigation
• Access image files through a variety of inquiry commands
• Customizable navigational icons
Wide-field Automosaic
• Allows up to 110˚ documentation of the retina
• Automatically stitches a series of retinal images to form a large composite image
Patient Education
• Enhances the communication with patient and family members
• View simulations, sample diseases of the eye and graphic eye drawings
• Works on a single point-and-click web-based browser
• Can be accessed remotely from any web enabled device
• Automatically imports patient data, reports and images from different instruments
• Can be easily expanded and customized to your particular needs
• Uses the latest networking technology for fast access and rapid transfer of large image files
• Gives rapid access to referring doctors, facilitating instantaneous consultations
• Powerful search tool speeds and enhances research
• Simplifies the use of images in presentations
Safe and Secure
• Offers multi-level patient data validation
• Is a redundant, fault tolerant system designed to operate even with hardware failures
• Provides high reliability - no more misplaced charts and incorrect graphics
• 24/7 remote monitoring
• HIPAA-compliant, meeting the highest network security requirements and with high-end firewall protection
• Preserves past investments, as it complements and is compatible with most instruments and EMR systems
• Uses existing data
• Eliminates much of the paper and printing cost
• Eliminates hours of dictation through specific drawing and automatic report generation
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