M-995 CVB - Kieskeurig
1. S
OURCE:To select between DVD, AV IN or MEDIA
(USB/CARD) mode.
2. MUTE: To mute or restore sound.
3. 0,1,2,…9,10+: number entry.
4. D
ISPLAY: To show status information on the
5. M
ENU/PBC: Return to DVD root menu (DVD). To
turn PBC mode on/off for VCD.
6. AUDIO: To change the AUDIO setting.
7. PLAY/PAUSE To start and pause the playback. 17
8. STOP: MP3/Jpeg/DivX files: press once to 19
stop playback. DVD/VCD/CD: press once to pre8
stop (resume with
button), press again to stop
9. MODE: To access LCD setting mode.
10. VOL+
, Go to next chapter/track.
12. R
, Go to previous chapter/track 25
to the beginning.
13. BUTTON: Press
button allow skipping
ahead at 5-level speed(X2-> X4->X8->X16->X32>PLAY), press ENTER button return to normal
14. BUTTON: Press
BUTTON allow skipping back at 5-level speed (X2-> X4->X8>X16->X32->PLAY), press PLAY button return to normal playback.
15. STEP: To play frame by frame
16. SEARCH: to search for a desired title, chapter, time.
17. SUBTITLE: To change the subtitle setting.
18. ANGLE: To access the camera angle function for DVD disc.
19. TITLE: To access the disc TITLE menu..
20. Cursor (▲, ▼, ◄, ►) buttons Press to highlight selections on a menu screen and adjust
certain settings.
ENTER button Press to confirm selections on a menu screen.
21. SETUP: To enter and exit the setup menu.
22. VOL23. REPEAT: To repeat playback.
24. S
LOW: Press SLOW button repeatedly to enter slow playback, and cycle between different
speeds. The speeds are 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16, and normal.
25. PROGRAM: To program playback sequences.
26. ZOOM: To access the zoom function.
M-995 CVB
Twin Car DVD Player
User Manual
1. SD/ MMC
6. USB
8. DC IN 9-12V
10. ▲, ▼, ◄, ►/Vol+/Vol11. SOURCE
Please read the instruction carefully before operating the unit.
Note: “
* Never use an AC adaptor that is damaged, route power lead in a safe manner and
make sure it is not subjected to trapping or pinching. If the power lead is damaged refer
to a qualified service agent.
Using car plug
Unit A
To AV OUT jack
Play a DVD on
Unit A.
To DC IN 9-12V jack
AV Cable
Unit B
To AV IN jack
To DC IN 9-12V jack
Car plug
• Recharge the built-in battery when you are ready to use it again.
• While using the built-in battery, the environmental temperature should be 5°C (41°F)
to 35°C (95°F).
• To get the longest service life of the built-in battery, charge at indoor-temperature.
• The built-in battery in this device may present a risk of fire or chemical burn if mistreated.
Do not disassemble, heat above 100°C (212°F), or incinerate.
• The unit should not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
• When discarding the unit, environmental problems must be considered and local rules
or laws governing the disposal of such products must be strictly followed.
• When the built-in battery power is low, LOW BATTERY will show on display, and then
the player will access to standby mode automatically.
Watching a DVD on your TV
A/V cable
(not included)
To AV IN jacks
To the cigarette lighter socket
Yellow Red White
To AV OUT jack
isconnect this car power adaptor when not in use. Not for use in
24V vehicles.
• Use only the included 12V car power adaptor. Use of any other 12V car power adaptor
could damage the unit.
• The 12V car power adaptor included is for use with this unit only. Do not use it with
any other equipment.
• In the interest of traffic safety, drivers should not operate the unit or view videos while
• Make sure the unit is fastened correctly to prevent from falling in the vehicle in the
event of an accident.
• When the inside of the cigarette lighter socket is dirty with ashes or dust, the plug
section may become hot due to poor contact. Be sure to clean the cigarette lighter
socket before use.
• After use, disconnect the car power adaptor from both the unit and cigarette lighter
GB - 6
DVP-3578 IB MUSE 001 REV0- GB.in1 1
3.5mm plug
Audio Right -CH
Audio Left -CH
Note: Make sure to use the cable with correct plug.
Using Headphones / Earphones
Maximum output voltage ≤150mV.
Connect earphones with the volume set low and increase it if required. Prolonged listening
through some earphones at high volume settings can result in hearing damage. When
headphones/earphones are connected, no sound will be emitted from the unit’s speaker.
Caution: Avoid listening to sound at levels which may be harmful to your ears.
Continuous use of earphones at high volume can damage the user’s
Region Management Information
Region Management Information: This unit is designed and manufactured to respond
to the Region Management Information that is encoded on DVD discs. If the Region
number printed on the DVD disc does not correspond to the Region number of this unit,
this unit cannot play that disc.
The region number of this unit is 2.
Basic Playback
1. Slide ON /OFF switch to turn ON the unit. The power ON indicator will go on.
2. S
lide OPEN lock according to the arrow and hold the front panel to open the disc
3. Insert a disc with label face you.
4. C
lose the disc door. It takes a short while for your unit to load the disc. After loading,
the unit will automatically bring you to the main menu of the DVD or start playing the
DVD. If the unit does not automatically start playing the DVD, press the
Accelerated play
While the disc is playing, press
direction of the accelerated play. Press
There are 2 different remote controls.
Remote control A can only be used to operate Unit A.
Remote control B can only be used to operate Unit B.
Please refer to the or marking on unit and remote control.
The remote control operates on 1pc “CR2025” lithium battery
(included). To power up the remote control, remove the insulation tab from the back of unit.
GB - 8
Unit A
To AC outlet
(100-240V 50/60Hz)
To AV OUT jack
AC adaptor
Play a DVD on
Unit A.
To DC IN 9-12V jack
AV Cable
Unit B
To AC outlet
(100-240V 50/60Hz)
To AV IN jack
Remote Control(with battery) x 2
Car power adaptor x 1
AC adaptor x 2
AV cable x 1
Earphones x 2
Car headrest mounting bracket x 2
To DC IN 9-12V jack
Using the AC adaptor
The supplied AC adaptors are suitable for use on AC mains supplies of 100-240V~
50/60Hz and should only be connected to a mains supply within these parameters.
Using Unit A or Unit B
To AC outlet
(100-240V 50/60Hz)
AC adaptor
To DC IN 9-12V jack
GB - 3
Watching on the two units together
1. Connect Unit A and Unit B using the supplied AV cable.
2. Turn on the two units.
3. Press SOURCE button on Remote control B or front panel, then select and confirm
“AV IN” mode for Unit B, while Unit A was a DVD player.
4. Play a DVD on Unit A; Unit B will play at the same time.
Note: If you want to watch on Unit A or Unit B independently, disconnect the AV cable
between the two units. You may need to select “DVD “ or “MEDIA” mode for Unit
B by pressing SOURCE button on Remote control B or front panel in order to
play normally.
* The AC adaptor included with this unit is for its use only. Do not use it with other
* Turn off the unit before unplugging the AC adaptor from the unit so as to avoid the unit
being damaged.
* When the unit is not going to be used for long time, disconnect the AC adaptor from
the AC outlet.
* Be sure to use it near the wall outlet and easily accessible. If a malfunction occurs,
disconnect the plug from the wall outlet at once.
* AC adaptor is used as the disconnect device. It shall remain readily operable and should
not be obstructed during intended use. To be completely disconnected the apparatus
from supply mains, the AC adaptor of the apparatus shall be disconnected from the
mains socket outlet completely.
GB - 4
Zoom (DVD, JPEG)
While a disc is playing, press ZOOM until you reach the zoom size you want. The button
cycles through 2x, 3x, 4x and then zooms out to 1/2x, 1/3x and 1/4x, then returns to
normal playback.
Note : U
nder Zoom function for JPEG file , press ZOOM button to go to Zoom 100%
mode, then Press
button a number of times to vary the Zoom steps
which you want.
On screen display
Press the DISPLAY button a number of times during playback to show in turn:
DVD: Title elapsed time , Title remaining time, Chapter elapsed time, Chapter remaining
time, Display off.
CD: Single elapsed time, Single remaining time, Total elapsed time, Total Remaining
Search a desired section
The user can access a specific location or a specific track by keying in the target time
or the track number.
1. Press SEARCH button repeatedly to enter different search mode.
Select “AV IN”
with Remote
control B.
AC adaptor
1. Push the button toward right.
2. Pull the battery loader out.
3. Insert one “CR2025” size battery with the positive side (+) facing up.
4. Replace the cover.
Repeat playback
While the disc is playing, press the REPEAT button repeatedly to select a play mode:
DVD: Repeat Chapter, Repeat Title, Repeat All , (Repeat Off);
CD: Repeat Track, Repeat All, Repeat Off;
MP3: Single, Repeat one, Repeat Folder, Folder, Shuffle, Random
“SINGLE”: The selected track will play once and then stop playback.
“REPEAT ONE” : The selected track will play continuously.
“REPEAT FOLDER”: All tracks in the selected folder will play continuously.
“FOLDER”: All tracks in the selected folder will play once and then stop playback.
“SHUFFLE” : Randomly play once and then stop playback.
“RANDOM” : Random play continuously.
Note: Some DVD discs do not allow repeat function.
Program playback
With this option, you choose and program the playback order. You can store up to 20
1. Insert a disc.
2. In playing or stop mode, press the PROGRAM button. The Program menu appears.
DVD GB - 5
You can connect a USB flash drive (not included) to the USB connector port or a SD/MMC
card (not included) to the memory expansion card slot on the unit to play DivX movies
as well as sound & picture files.
1. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the unit. Plug the SD card into the
memory expansion card slot.
2. Press SOURCE button , then press▼ to select “Media”. Press ▲, ▼, ► to select “USB”
or “SD” (When “MMC” or “SD” card is inserted, it displays “MMC” or “SD” instead.),
then press ENTER to confirm.
For operation of playing files on the USB flash drive or SD/MMC card, please refer to the
* It is recommended USB flash drive or the SD/MMC card is plugged when the unit is
in OFF mode.
* There are many USB devices in the market. We cannot guarantee to support all different
models. Please try another USB device if your device is not supported.
* Some SD/MMC card may be incompatible.
This unit can play MP3, DivX and Picture files recorded on CD-R/CD-RW/ DVD+ R/
DVD+RW discs, USB flash drive and SD/MMC card.
1. Insert a disc.
2. The content of disc will be displayed on screen.
3. Press ▲, ▼, ◄, ► button to view and select the file that you want to play, then press
ENTER button to confirm the selected file and start playback.
4. Press button to stop playback.
one or more times to vary the speed and
to resume normal playback.
Frame advance (DVD)
1. While the disc is playing, press STEP once.
2. Press STEP a number of times to advance forward image by image
3. Press
to resume normal playback.
Using Unit A and Unit B together
You can watch the same DVD on the two units.
2. Input the chapter number or playback time, then it will jump to the target location
3. Use the number buttons to enter the title number and then the chapter number (DVD)
or the track number (CD).
4. Use ▲,▼, ◄, ►button moving to the next input. Repeat step 3 until programming
is completed.
Note: press
to go to next page for programming track 11 to 20.
5. Highlight the “PLAY” icon, press ENTER button to start the program play.
6. Press the
button twice to stop the program playback and clear the program
GB - 9
GB - 10
Changing chapter/track
While the disc is playing, press
to go immediately to the next or previous
chapter(DVD), or to the next or previous track(CD).
GB - 7
If at any time in the future you should need to dispose of this product please note
that Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with house hold waste.
Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your Local Authority or retailer
for recycling advice.(Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive).
Remote Control
GB - 2
Using the Built- in battery
The unit has a built-in rechargeable battery (lithium-polymer). Charge the built-in battery
before using it for the first time. The charging indicator will change from red to green
when the battery becomes fully charged.
Unit - left sid e
” will be displayed if the function you select is not available.
GB - 1
Select “AV IN”
with Remote
control B.
Main Unit
- Before throwing any batteries away, consult your distributor who may be able to take
them back for specific recycling.
- In order to avoid leakage, always remove the batteries when unit will not be used for
a long period of time.
- If the remote control is not going to be used for a long time, remove the battery to avoid
damage caused by battery leakage corrosion.
- CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the
same or equivalent type.
Navigating the setup menu
1. Press SETUP to display the setup main menu.
2. Press ◄, ► to select a menu icon.
3. Press ▲ , ▼ to select one of the available options under a menu icon.
4. Press► to access the submenu and ▲ ,▼ to select an option.
5. Press ENTER to confirm your selection.
6. Press◄ to return to a previous menu.
7. Press SETUP to exit from the setup menu.
GB - 11
2014-2-25 14:43:11
General Setup Page
* Closed Captions
Some discs have closed captions.
ON: Show the closed captions.
OFF: Hide the closed captions.
Video Setup Page
● To select the language of the DVD subtitles. Select “OFF” to turn off the subtitles.
● If the selected language is not available on the disc, the disc’s language will be used
● To change the subtitle language during playback, press SUBTITLE on the remote control.
* Screen Saver
To set screen saver ON or OFF.
3 H
* TV DISPLAY: selects the aspect ratio of the playback picture.
● When wide-screen video is played, this mode clips the right and left sides of the image
so that it can be viewed on a conventional screen.
● Some wide-screen DVDs that do not permit Pan Scan mode playback are automatically
played in letterbox mode (black bands top and bottom).
● When wide-screen video is played in this mode on a conventional screen, black bands
appear at the top and bottom of the screen.
16:9: wide screen display.
● This is the correct mode for playing wide-screen videos on a wide-screen TV.
The wide-screen image will be displayed in full screen in its native aspect ratio and so
does the 4:3 image but with black borders on the left and the right side.
● The visible picture size is preset on the DVD disc. Therefore the playback picture of
some DVD discs may not conform to the picture size you select.
● When you play DVD discs recorded in the 4:3 aspect ratio, the playback picture
will always appears in the 4:3 aspect ratio regardless of the TV shape setting in the
function setup menu.
* Angle Mark
ON: To show angle mark when a disc with multiple camera angles is playing. You can
view different camera angles of a DVD disc by pressing ANGLE button on remote
OFF: To hide angle mark.
NOTE: This function is only available for discs encoded with multiple camera angles.
* OSD Language
To select the language of unit’s menus.
* AUTO STANDBY(Automatic turn off)
This function allows you to select the standby setting:
OFF: The unit will not switch to standby mode.
3 H: If no button is pressed within 3 hours, the unit will switch to standby mode
4 H: If no button is pressed within 4 hours, the unit will switch to standby mode
Analog Audio Setup Page
* BRIGHTNESS: To adjust the video brightness level on a scale of -16 to +16.
* CONTRAST: To adjust the video contrast level on a scale of –16 to +16.
* HUE: To adjust the color hue level on a scale of –9 to +9.
* SATURATION: To adjust the color saturation level on a scale of -9 to +9.
Some DivX Video-On-Demand files required registration code, please get the code of
your DVD player.
Registration code is for DivX Video-On-Demand only, do not apply this code for another
applications or websites.
Noted: The preferences Setup menu is only available at stop mode.
To select STEREO, L-MONO (left mono), R-MONO (right mono) and MIX- MONO for
Dolby Digital output.
● To control the different sound levels via dynamic compression. It improves the quality
of the sound track at a low volume, and quiets the loudest sounds.
●This function is available only on DVD discs recorded in Dolby Digital.
GB - 13
● To select your TV system among PAL, AUTO or NTSC.
3. C
ombine the holder into the headrest bracket.
ATTENTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove
the cover or back. There are no user serviceable parts inside
the unit. Refer all servicing to qualified personnel.
The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within the triangle is a warning sign
alerting the user of “dangerous voltage” inside the unit.
The exclamation point within the triangle is a warning sign alerting the user
of important instructions accompanying the product.
CAUTION: Invisible laser radiation when open and interlocks defeated. Avoid exposure
to beam.
Class 1 laser product.
Password Setup Page.
GB - 15
GB - 16
Unit B
Unit A
Mounting bracket
Here are a few tips to help you do this:
READ this instruction manual before you attempt to use the equipment.
NEVER fit make shift stands or legs with woodscrews. Use only approved supports and
fasteners specially designed for the equipment.
NEVER let anyone, especially children, push objects into holes, ventilation slots or any
other opening; this could result in fatal electric shock!
ALWAYS disconnect the Car power adaptor when you are not going to use the unit for
a long period of time.
ENSURE that all electrical connections (including the mains plug, extension leads and
interconnections between pieces of equipment) are properly made in accordance with the
instructions given. Switch off the main supply when making or changing connections.
CONSULT your dealer if you are ever in doubt about the installation, operation or safety
of your equipment.
DON’T continue to operate the equipment if it is damaged in any way or if it does not
function normally. Disconnect the Car power adaptor and consult your dealer.
DON’T leave equipment switched on when it is unattended unless it is part of it’s normal
function to operate in your absence, for example a video cassette recorder with timed
recording facility.
LISTEN to headphones at moderate volume levels; high volume levels can permanently
damage your hearing.
● Car power adaptor is used as the disconnect device. It shall remain readily operable
and should not be obstructed during intended use. To be completely disconnected
the apparatus from supply mains, the car power adaptor of the apparatus shall be
disconnected from the mains socket outlet completely.
● Never use a power adaptor that is damaged, route power lead in a safe manner and
make sure it is not subjected to trapping or pinching. If the power lead is damaged
refer to a qualified service agent.
● Place the unit on a flat and even surface.
● Do not restrict the air flow of the unit by placing it in a place with poor air flow, by
covering it with a cloth, or by placing it on carpeting.
● To avoid magnetized, do not place the unit near speaker or magnet.
● Do not use this unit in direct sunlight or leave the unit in a closed automobile (or yacht,
etc) where it would be exposed to high temperatures above 40°C.
● It also should not be placed in temperatures less than 5°C or greater than 35°C.
● No naked flame sources such as lighted candles should be placed on the AC adaptor
and main unit.
● Do not use the unit immediately after transportation from a cold place to a warm place,
condensation problem may result.
● The ventilation should not be impeded by covering the ventilation openings with items
such as newspapers, table-cloths, curtains, etc.
GB - 17
No power.
● Ensure the car power adaptor is connected.
● Make sure that the unit is turned on.
The remote control does not function.
● Make sure the infrared remote sensor is not blocked.
● Point the remote directly at the infrared remote sensor on the unit.
● Replace the battery in the remote with a new one.
Knob screw
4. F
ix the main unit or monitor to the back holder using the knob screws.
Back holder
Car plug
Headrest bracket
with screws
Joint rotation
fastening knob
Very little or no sound is coming from a DVD.
● Make sure that the unit is turned ON.
● Make sure the unit is not paused. Press
● Make sure the unit is not in fast-forward or fast-reverse mode. Press
● Make sure that the connections are correct.
* Make sure the MUTE function is not on.
AV cable
Connecting shaft
Mounting in the Vehicle
Use the supplied car mounting brackets to install the main unit and monitor on the
back of the vehicle’s headrests.
Note on disc
* Do not use irregular shape CDs (example: heart-shaped, octagonal ones). It may
result in malfunctions.
* Do not place more than one disc in the disc compartment.
* Do not try to open the disc compartment during playing.
* Do not touch the lens. Doing so may cause malfunction.
* If there is a scratch, dirt or fingerprints on the disc, it may cause tracking error.
Before playing, clean the disc with a cleaning cloth. Wipe the disc from the center
out. Don’t store discs in places with high temperatures or high humidity, they can
become warped. After playing, store the disc in its case.
1. R
emove the 4 screws on the headrest bracket. Fix the headrest bracket into the
steel pipes of the vehicle’s headrest using these screws.
5. Connect the 12V car plug as shown.
CAUTION: Using other car plugs could damage the unit.
Important Note
● Before transporting the unit, remove the disc from the disc compartment.
2. F
ix the back holder and connecting shaft through the joint rotation fastening knob.
DVP-3578 IB MUSE 001 REV0- GB.in2 2
This option allows you to set or change the password.
Use ▼, ▲ button to select “PASSWORD”, press ►button to highlight “CHANGE”, then
press the ENTER button. Press the number buttons to input your 4-digit password until
to “OK” (If the password has not been set yet after you purchase this unit, it is “1369”).
Pressing ENTER with this function selected resets all settings to their initial factory state,
except for parental level and password.
GB - 14
● To select the dialog language.
● If the selected language is not available on the disc, the disc’s language will be used
● To change the dialog language during playback, press AUDIO on the remote control.
- Make sure the screws are properly locked to avoid accidental loosening.
- Always remember to lock the holder to ensure the safety of your passengers.
- Do not install when car travels.
GB - 18
Some DVD discs are equipped with a password function and are rated according to their
content. The contents allowed by parental lock level and the way a DVD disc is controlled
may vary from disc to disc. For example, if the disc allows, you could lock-out violent scenes
unsuitable for children or you could lock out playback of the disc altogether.
You cannot play DVD discs rated higher than the level you selected unless you cancel the
parental lock function.
The parental lock levels are equivalent to the following ratings.
Level 1 : Kid Safe
Level 2 : G
Level 3 : PG
Level 4 : PG-13
Level 5 : PG-R
Level 6 : R
Level 7 : NC17
Level 8 : Adult
If your MPEG4(DivX) video file includes subtitle file, use this to select your preferred subtitle
* Downmix
LT/RT: left and right soundtrack audio output.
STEREO: Stereo audio signal output
Be sure to turn the unit off and disconnect the car power adaptor before maintaining
the unit.
- Use a soft, dry, clean cloth. Regularly dust the vents at the back or sides.
- Using solvents, abrasive or alcohol-based products risks damaging the appliance.
- If an object or liquid enters inside the appliance, unplug it immediately and have it
checked by an authorized engineer.
Preference page
GB - 12
● N o naked flame sources, such as lighted candles, should be placed on the
● The use of apparatus in moderate climates.
● The apparatus should not be exposed to dripping or splashing.
● Ensure a minimum distance of 5cm around the apparatus for sufficient ventilation.
● Do not place objects filled with liquids, such as vases, on the apparatus.
● The marking plate is located on the back of unit.
● Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.
● Do not throw batteries in fire!
● Battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
● Excessive sound pressure from earphones and headphones can cause hearing loss.
● Under the influence of electrical fast transient or/and electrostatic phenomenon, the
product may malfunction and require user to power reset.
* DISC MENU (menu language)
● To select the language of the DVD menus.
● If the selected language is not available on the disc, the disc’s language will be used
To turn the password mode ON/OFF.
Remote control
n no account should this unit be used by the driver of a moving motor vehicle, or left
unsecured in the vehicle whilst driving.
• If this unit is being used by a passenger in your vehicle, be sure that it is secured or
held safely, and does not obstruct any safety device (i.e. airbag, seat belt etc.) that is
• All passengers should wear seat belts when using this unit in a moving vehicle.
• If in doubt, please contact your vehicle manufacturer for further advice.
• Using other car power adaptors could damage the unit.
The player does not start playback
● Insert the disc with the printed side facing you.
● Check that the disc can actually be played by this device.
● Check that the disc’s regional code matches the player’s regional code.
This player’s regional code is 2.
● Clean the disc.
The picture is not clear.
● The DVD is dirty. Gently clean the disc.
● The disc is scratched.
● Please adjust the LCD’s brightness and contrast in LCD mode.
Forget Password
If you forget your own password, enter “1369” to reset.
Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.
10, Rue de la Mission, 25480 Ecole Valentin, France
GB - 19
GB - 20
GB - 21
GB - 22
GB - 23
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