Mini Cable Tester - Equip
Test Platform
The main highlights of the new TRIO
Platform includes the single or dual access
Equip-Test Mechanical Test Fixture (MFS),
the fast TRI Tiny SII ICT.
The combination of these main features
together with the renowned Equip-Test ICT
engineering knowledge ensures that you
can get avery good start-off ICT Test System
for analog and digital measurements.
Optional Hardwares:
• Side shelf
• Error Printer STAR SP712 *
• Label Printer SATO CG212 DT/TT *
• Honeywell 1400G handheld scanner + holder
*the side shelf is also needed
All Systems Features:
• 19” Rack with monitor holder, 19” monitor,
keyboard holder and keyboard with integrated
mouse, 2 blowers, UPS
• TRI 5001T SII Tiny ICT Mainset, keybox
• ESD plug GS703
Optional Tiny Control Softwares for:
Equip-Test Mechanical Fixture Kit
(MFS/MFT Series in 6 different sizes)
• Toellner Power Supply
• FEASA LED Analyzer
• Cover Closed Sensor
• Pneumatic Cylinders
• OMRON Camera for Dimension Measurement
• Cover lock solenoid
• Algocraft programmer
• Flashrunner programmer
• PASS printer
and DLL call for LIN communication
For available configurations please contact
Equip-Test Group Customer Service at
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