Philips HX5551/02 User manual

Philips HX5551/02 User manual
Philips Sonicare
Battery Sonic Toothbrush
Better Reach for a Better Clean
The only angled sonic brush that gives you better reach for a better clean. Sonicare`s
unique dynamic cleaning action reaches deep between teeth and into hard-to-reach
areas, whilst massaging gums for a brushing experience unlike any other.
Dynamic cleaning action
• Patented sonic technology
Designed to fit the contours of the teeth
• Sophisticated brush head
Ease into the Sonicare experience
• Easy-start® eases new users into the Sonicare® experience
Brush for the recommended 2 minutes
• Smartimer® encourages 2-minute brushing time
Brush all four quadrants of your mouth thoroughly
• Quadpacer® 30-second interval timer encourages even brushing
Battery Sonic Toothbrush
General specifications
• Brush head holder
• Extra soft, end-rounded polished bristles
Additional features
Recharge indicator
Travel case
Brush heads included: 1
Technical Specifications
Speed: 31,000 movements per minute
Charging time: 20 hour(s)
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz (UK 240 V, 50 Hz)
Power consumption: 3 W
Batteries: rechargeable
• Elite brush head: Single pack - HX 7001/20
Patented sonic technology
Sonicare's patented sonic technology combines
contour-fit bristles and wide brushing strokes with
high-speed bristle motion (31,000 brush strokes per
minute) to create a dynamic cleaning action. This
gives you a brushing experience unlike any other.
The Sonicare toothbrush is also clinically proven to
help reduce gingivitis, improve gum health and
significantly reduce coffee, tea and tobacco stains, for
naturally whiter teeth.
Sophisticated brush head
Brush head with slim, angled neck and round-ended
bristle tips, designed to fit the contours of the teeth
for enhanced manoeuvrability.
Recharge indicator
Indicates when the handle needs recharging, is
charging or is fully charged. Long-life batteries give
up to two weeks of brushing twice a day between
Brush head holder
Conveniently stores an extra brush head.
Issue date 2009-06-10
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