Philips HD4428/00, HD4428 Datasheet

Philips HD4428/00, HD4428 Datasheet
Table Grill
HD 4428
Smoke-free grilling
Finally enjoy smoke-free grilling
Water tray prevents food particles from burning
Grill and flat surface
Enjoy preparing a wide variety of food on this table grill with both grill and flat surface.
High power ensures tasty results in no time. The water tray prevents food particles
from burning for smoke-free grilling.
Smoke-free grilling
• Excess grease is drained through slots in grilling plate
• Water tray prevents food particles and grease from burning
Tasty food in no time
• Integrated heating element for evenly grilled food
• High power for quick and tasty food
• Grill the way you like with both grill and flat surface
• Variable temperature control for different recipes
Easy and safe to use
• Splatter guard protects your countertop from possible grease
• Extra-large grilling surface for family-sized servings
• On/off switch integrated in thermostat for additional safety
Quick and easy cleaning
• All parts are dishwashable except detachable thermostat
• Non-stick surface prevents food particles from sticking
Detachable splatter guard
Extra-large grilling surface
Integrated on/off switch
HD 4428
Table Grill
Product highlights
General specifications
• Adjustable thermostat
• Cool-touch handgrips
• Temperature light
Technical Specifications
Power: 2200 W
Voltage: 220-240 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Cord length: 1.0 m
Grill plate dimensions (WxD): 430 x 300 mm
Design and finishing
• Colour: Charcoal-grey with black accents
• Materials: PP housing, Alu grilling plate
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions (WxHxD): 556 x 122 x
361 mm
• Product weight: 4.5 kg
Smoke-free grilling
Excess grease and food particles are drained through
slots in the grilling plate. They are absorbed by water in
the removable tray, which prevents them from burning
and causing smoke.
Integrated heating element
Heating element is integrated in the grilling plate, which
guarantees instant and evenly distributed heat directly
to your food. For tasty and evenly grilled results.
Grill and flat surface
Prepare a wide variety of food on either the grill or the
flat surface. The grill surface will give you that tasty and
nice-looking grill effect. The flat surface is very suitable
for grilling smaller pieces of food and/or for stir-frying.
Cook any way you like!
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