Guest lectures on Speech and Audio Processing Thursday Nov. 26

Guest lectures on Speech and Audio Processing Thursday Nov. 26
Guest lectures on Speech and Audio Processing
Thursday Nov. 26 at 15.00 - 17.00
AU Engineering, Finlandsgade 22, room 140, 8200 Aarhus N.
All are welcome. Registration not needed.
Complimentary sandwiches and soft drinks if registering via IDA
Decorrelating with the non-uniform DFT and applications in speech and audio coding
Speaker: Prof. Tom Bäckström, Audio Labs, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Abstract: The famous discrete Fourier and Karhunen-Loeve transforms are widely used in
engineering applications where we require, respectively, a physical description of the signal or
statistically optimal decorrelation. Though widely used, the two transforms have seemed
mutually exclusive. In this talk I present a novel transform which has the desirable properties of
physical interpretation and statistical decorrelation. The transform, known as the Vandermonde
transform, is based on a non-uniform discrete Fourier transform which decorrelates the input
signal. Application and recent advances in speech and audio coding are presented.
Hearing aid signal processing
Speaker: Prof. Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Audio Analysis Lab, Aalborg University
Abstract: Modern hearing aids are marvels of audio and acoustic signal processing. The
conditions that hearing aids must operate under are often very challenging as they have to
deal with complicated signals using quite limited resources (e.g., low latency, small size, low
power). Hearing aid research is thus a particularly challenging (and fun) topic. Signal processing
plays a key role in hearing aids and today's hearing aids use signal processing such as noise
reduction, feedback cancellation, and beamforming. In this talk, I will give an introduction to
hearing aid signal processing and highlight some recent advances, including some of the Audio
Analysis Lab's work on the topic.
Organised by: Address all inquiries to the organiser, Christian Fischer Pedersen, [email protected]
Endorsed by:
Signal Processing Chapter, IEEE Denmark
Danish Sound Innovation Network
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