nola metro grand reference gold loudspeaker

nola metro grand reference gold loudspeaker
The NOLA Metro Grand Reference Gold is a compact floor
standing loudspeaker that provides state of the art sound quality in
small to medium rooms. The Metro Grand Reference Gold uses
only one square foot of floor space. Technology developed for the
Grand Reference VI and the Concert Grand Reference have
been “trickled down” to provide performance that is the cutting
edge for what can be achieved in this size platform.
The 160 mm magnesium gold bass drivers utilize massive Alnico
ring magnets for increased clarity and definition and even lower
distortion. The solid copper phase plugs are gold plated to
provide damping by the soft gold layer over the solid copper. This
concept eliminates any last vestige of coloration from these
drivers. Bass is tighter with improved definition.
We have also developed a new true ribbon tweeter. This new
driver extends the high frequency response to 100 kHz. This
extended bandwidth provides an increased sense of “reality” over
the whole range including the bass.
The lack of any enclosure in the midrange or high frequency range eliminates any possible enclosure
coloration in this critical region – something that cannot be achieved with any kind of box loudspeaker.
Newly developed polypropylene/oil capacitors provide increased resolution for the 3½ way Unison
 hand
wired crossover. The crossover is implemented on three separate crossover boards, internally mounted. Flat
copper ribbon coils and Nordost Mono-Filament Silver wire are used throughout.
The Metro Grand Reference Gold utilizes a double platform ball bearing isolation base to further reduce floorborne vibrations which tend to “muddy” the sound.
The Metro Grand Reference Gold is ideal when the expansive musical sound of the Baby Grand Reference
Gold is desired – but in a smaller room.
Frequency Range:
45” H x 11.5” W x 13.5” D (overall including bases)
95 lbs. net per side
25 Hz to 100 kHz
87 dB
8 ohm / 4 ohm minimum
True Piano Rosewood with True Piano Black bases is standard.
Piano Black and other finishes available by special order.
~ Specifications subject to change without notice. ~
Accent Speaker Technology, Ltd.
(631) 738-2540♦
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