Philips DVD 16x ReWriter Internal Drive Datasheet

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Philips DVD 16x ReWriter Internal Drive Datasheet | Manualzz

Simply superior performance

8.5GB of data on one DVD+R DL disc

Philips innovative recording technology let you record with high speed twice as much video, photo, music and data.

Witness the latest technology

• Double layer writer for +R and -R, DL media

• 8.5GB storage capacity on a single sided double layer disc

Superior Performance

• Fast recording of your (re)writable discs

• 16X top writing speed on DVD+R/-R

• 8x writing on DVD+R DL

• DVD ReWriter supporting 16X DVD-R


• Step by step manual in 10 languages

• Plug & Play for easier installation

• Dual Format

Extreme Reliability and Robustness

• Safe and reliable rewriting with Seamless Link

• Optimum recording speed for any recordable disc


Internal Drive


16 x ReWriter


Internal Drive

DVD 16 x ReWriter

Technical specifications

Writing Speed

• DVD+R: 16X (21600KB/sec) by CAV

• DVD-R: 16X (21600KB/sec) by CAV

• DVD+R DL: 8X (10800KB/sec) by Z-CLV

• DVD-R DL: 4X (5400KB/sec) by CLV

• CD-R: 48x (7200KB/sec) by P-CAV


• Product dimension (WxDxH) inch:

146X178X42 mm

• Product dimensions (WxDxH):

• Product weight: <0.9kg kg


• Adaptor type: DC 5V/ 12V

• Power consumption: 12 W W

Rewriting Speed

• DVD+RW: 8X (10800KB/sec) by CLV

• CD-RW: 32X (4800KB/sec) by Z-CLV in

UltraSpeed disc

• DVD-RW: 6X (8100KB/sec) by CLV

Reading Speed

• DVD ROM: 16X (21600KB/sec) by CAV

• CD-R: 48X (7200KB/sec) by CAV

• Access time:

• Buffer size: 2MB


• Interface: IDE interface (ATAPI)

• Other connections: 12 V DC in, Analogue audio left / right out 2x, IDE interface connector,

Master / slave select jumper

Technical specifications

• Humidity: 5 - 90% (no condensation)

• Operating temperature range: 5 - 50 C °C

• Safety standards: EN60825, UL1950

• EMC standards: EN55022

• Access time: CD: <120msec (typical), DVD:

<140msec (typical)

Packaging Data

• 12NC: 908210005561

• EAN/UPC/GTIN: 8710895919784

• Gross weight: 0.9 kg

• Height: 42 mm

• Length: 178 mm

• Width: 146 mm


• Ease of installation: Plug & Play

• Ease of Use: How to manual, step by step


• Ahead Nero Suite 6: Nero Burning Rom 6, InCD

4, Nero Vision express 2, Nero media Player 1,

EasyWrite Reader 4, Nero Burning Rights 1

Inner Carton

• EAN/UPC/GTIN: 8710895919784

• Gross weight: 1.2 kg

• Height: 262 mm

• Length: 104 mm

• Width: 213 mm

• Quantity: 1


• Included accessories: 4 mounting screws, CD-

ROM with software & manual, User manual

System Requirements

• Hard disc space: 100MB

• PC OS: Windows® XP, 2000, ME, 98SE

• Processor: Pentium 3 550 MHz or higher CPU

• RAM memory: 128MB

Outer Carton

• EAN/UPC/GTIN: 8710895919791

• Gross weight: 3 kg

• Length: 275 mm

• Width: 220 mm

• Height: 230 mm

• Quantity: 2

Outer Carton 2


• Quantity: 128


Product highlights

Seamless Link

Seamless Link prevents loss of discs caused by writing errors

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic Calibration optimizes DVD writing quality of high-speed DVD+RW drives.

Multi -anguage manual

By using the multi language manual you are guided through the installation process in your own language.

8.5GB storage capacity

Single sided double layer disc with 8.5 GB storage capacity

Dual format writer on +/- DL

New drive enabling writing on both +R and -R 8.5 GB double layer media

Thermo Balanced Writing

Always the best and fastest recording of any of your recordable discs

16X write speed on DVD+R/-R

Top speed 16X recording on DVD+R and DVD-R discs

16X write speed on DVD-R

16x DVD-R writing speed

Date of issue 2006-03-21

Version: 1.0

12 NC: 9082 100 05561

EAN: 87 10895 91978 4

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips

Electronics N.V. or their respective owners.

© 2006 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.

All Rights reserved.


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