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Cardiac Rehabilitation — Audio Delivery System
The iPod Touch
The iPod Touch is a portable media player that delivers audio content to the patient during an education session. It
wirelessly communicates with the Audio Control Station to send playback status and respond to commands to start
and stop audio tracks.
Press these buttons to
increase or decrease the
volume. These buttons are
responsive when the
application is running even
while the iPod is locked.
Recharge the iPod by
connecting its USB cable to
this port. When the iPod
starts to recharge, it plays
a short chime.
Press this button to lock or
unlock the iPod. When the
iPod is locked, its screen is
black and does not respond
to touch commands. If the
application is executing, it
continues to play audio and
communicate with the Audio
Control Station.
Press this button to close the
application and return to the
Home screen. This will stop
ongoing audio and
disconnect the iPod from the
Audio Control Station.
Connect headphones
to this audio port.
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