D-Link DVG-2001S VoIP Phone Adapter

Enable VoIP For The Home
Enable VoIP Instantly
Integrated QoS To Prevent
Dropped Calls And Deliver
Superior Voice Quality
Secured Remote Web-Based
Access For Configuration
Easy To Implement With SIP
Voice Protocol
Compact In Size, No Constraints
During Installation
IP Telephony Terminal Adapter
D-Link, an industry leader in networking, introduces
DVG-2001S VoIP Telephone Terminal Adapter for
the home environment. The DVG-2001S converts
any existing analog (cord or cordless) telephone into
an IP Phone. Also by plugging in a FAX machine,
the DVG-2001S will enable users to send and receive
fax the same way as a traditional analog telephone line.
The DVG-2001S supports the SIP protocol, which
is the widely deployed by VoIP providers on the market.
It also supports the most popular audio CODECs to
ensure compatibility and voice quality.
The DVG-2001S comes with one FXS port to connect
to the existing analog telephone and one Fast Ethernet
port to connect to the broadband router.
With a built-in secured provisioning feature, VoIP
service providers can configure service settings such
as a server address, CODEC and STUN settings via
HTTPS/TFTP directly to the DVG-2001S.
For additional security, all of the configuration settings
are encrypted. Only the VoIP service providers/resellers
with the authenticated password and user name can
access it.
The DVG-2001S features both the VAD (Voice
Activity Detection) and CNG (Comfort Noise
Generation) to reduce the bandwidth consumption
and to sustain voice quality.
The DVG-2001S has a built-in QoS setting to provide
voice priority in IP networks and prevent dropped
calls. By delivering a consistent quality of service,
resellers will avoid having frustrated customers from
switching to another VoIP service provider.
The DVG-2001S is the ideal VoIP adapter solution
that will help VoIP service providers or resellers with
all of the required attributes to grow and retain customers
by delivering a robust and consistent VoIP solution.
IP Telephony Terminal Adapter
Connection Port
• RJ-11, FXS Port
• RJ-45 Ethernet Port
Ethernet Port
• IEEE 802.3 for 10M Ethernet
• IEEE 802.3u for 100M Ethernet
Telephony Support:
• SIP Call Control Protocol
• Supports Audio CODEC:
G.711 (A-law and U-law)
G.168 (Echo Cancellation)
• DTMF Relay
G.711 (In Band)
Device Management
• TFTP Client
• HTTP Web Interface
• DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration
Protocol) RFC2131
• Embedded Web Server HTTP1.0
• Auto-Provisioning Via Automated Centralized
Configuration File
• Configuration Restore/Backup
• TFTP Client
• Performance Monitor DSP/Ethernet Statistics
• SIP Authentication with Password Encryption
• HTTP Digest Authentication
• Configuration Download Using HTTPS and
SSL/TLS Clients Certification Encryption and
• Encryption of Configuration File
• VoIP NAT Traversal (SIP/STUN)
Fax Support
• FAX Relay
PCM (G.711)
• Power ON/OFF
• LAN Link & Activity
• Phone ON/OFF Hook & Ringing
• External AC Power Adapter
• Output: 12V AC, 1.2A
• Operation: 0o C to 40o C
• Storage: -10o C to 55o C
• 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
• EMC: FCC Class B, VCCI Class B, CE Class B
• 90mm x 82.46mm x 31mm (WxDxH)
• One Year Limited Warranty
Quality of Service (QoS)
• TOS-Type of Service Supports 3 Levels:
RTP Packets
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The DVG-2001S is a cost-effective and reliable analog
telephone adapter for VoIP providers to bundle along
with their VoIP service and offer it to the home users.