Philips HF3308/01, HF3308 Datasheet

Philips HF3308/01, HF3308 Datasheet
HF 3308
Original Philips EnergyLight lamps
Feel energetic
as on a sunny day
Special light device that gives you the daylight - and energy - you need, whatever the
season, in a way that easily fits into your daily routine.
Feel energetic in 30 minutes a day
• Original Philips EnergyLight lamps
• On product user protocol
Easy positionable for personal preference
• Adjustable angle
Safe to use
• UV-free
Proven health benefits
• Supported by the Medical Device Directive (MDD)
Adjustable angle
HF 3308
Product highlights
Technical Specifications
Power: 72 W
Voltage: 220/230
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Type of lamps: 2 PL-L 36W Philips EnergyLight
Lifetime of lamps: 10.000
Type of ballast: HF-K 236TLD (High Frequency)
Ballast frequency: 42.000 Hz
Cord length: 3 m
Insulation: Class II (double isolation)
Dimensions and weight
• Product dimensions: 33x57x18 (WxHxD) cm
• Product weight: 3.5 kg
• F-box dimensions (=A-box): 36x62.2x21.5
(WxHxD) cm
• F-box weight (=A-box): 4.4 kg
• Qnt. on Euro pallet: 30 (UK 39) pcs
Logistic data
• CTV-code: 884330801000
• Country of origin: Germany
• UV-free: no UV comes through the filtering
• No flickering: due to high frequency ballast
avoiding headaches
• Cenelec certified
Easy to use
• On product user protocol: Indicates how long to
use it at a certain distance
• On/off button
Original Philips EnergyLight lamps
The EnergyLight features original Philips EnergyLight
lamps producing light with all the intensity and quality
of natural daylight. In fact, it can give you up to 10,000
lux, but without any unpleasant dazzle or glare. If you
use the EnergyLight for just 30 minutes a day (there’s
no need to stare into the lamp all the time) at a light
intensity of 10,000 lux, you’ll notice an improvement in
your energy level and mood after just 5 days'use.
On product user protocol
Feel energetic in 30 minutes a day
Adjustable angle
The appliance can be positioned at various angles as
Easy positionable
The EnergyLight uses the full natural daylight spectrum.
It meets European safety standards and feautures an
UV-filtering screen. The EnergyLight is therefore
completely safe to use.
• Original Philips EnergyLight: lamps: 10.00 lux at
20cm, 2.500 Lux at 60cm
• Adjustable angle: 20 degrees
• Compact size: 18x33 (DxW) cm
Satisfaction indicator
• 94% satisfied users
Medical appliance
• Proven health benefits
Date of issue 2007-02-23
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Supported by the Medical Device Directive
This device has proven health benefits, as certified by
the Medical Device Directive (MDD).
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