Cautions for iPod/iPhone connection
Cautions for iPod/iPhone connection
Attach the Dock adapter that matches your iPod/iPhone.
If you attach a Dock adapter that does not match your iPod/iPhone, or you
connect the iPod/iPhone without the Dock adapter, you may damage the
connector of both iPod/iPhone and unit. This may result in failure to
recognize the iPod/iPhone, or no sound.
Remove the cover or case from your iPod/iPhone beforehand.
iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G,
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
Except for iPhone, iPhone 3GS,
iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
Supplied Dock
Dock adapter supplied
with iPod, or from
Apple Inc. (not supplied)
Dock connector
* The adapter number and compatible models
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G
iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
When placing or removing the
iPod/iPhone, hold it at the same
angle as the Dock connector on the
unit. Do not pull the iPod forward
or push it back on the connector.
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