John Stanley Bell (D4) lecture theatre

John Stanley Bell (D4) lecture theatre
GTA teaching room; C4.01 & C4.02
Instructions for Use
Quick guide to using AV equipment
Touch Panel (activates by movement) Controls all AV functions
– PC ; log in with username and Novell password
***please do not insert USB sticks or open any applications
until the PC has warmed up thoroughly following login***
– HDMI; Connection cable is required
– Laptop; Connection cable (VGA) is required
Press Single
or Dual
to start
(an audio cable is needed if laptop sound is required)
– BR/DVD Player
– Document Camera
Select Source – from top bars
Source Select
PC, HDMI, laptop, BR/DVD player, Doc Cam
ie: PC, Laptop, HDMI, VGA (Laptop) or Document Camera
Please log off PC, press System
Off button on bottom right of
touch panel
Select projector right or left
then select desired source
Select Audio Input
If you have any problems or
require assistance with the AV system
please call Audio-Visual Services on x3158
This area is covered by wireless RoamNet
lights and lock door on exiting room
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