Lite-On HP dvd840e Super Multi DVD Writer Datasheet

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HP dvd840e Super Multi DVD Writer

High-speed external drive with DVD±R/±RW and DVD-RAM read/write,

±R double-layer capability, and LightScribe direct disc labeling



HP’s super multi drive offers high speeds and double-layer DVD,¹ and it’s LightScribe Version 1.2-ready for high-contrast LightScribe labeling.² It lets users easily preserve, edit and share up to 8.5 GB of video, photos, and multimedia presentations on one double-layer disc – and quickly store, back up and transport files on DVDs and

CDs. The dvd840e records double-layer DVDs at up to 8X, recordable

DVDs at up to 16X, rewritable DVDs at up to 8X, and DVD-RAM at up to 5X.

LightScribe is the innovative new disc-labeling system that gives

CDs and DVDs a neat, professional look without ink, pens, or paper labels. With LightScribe, you simply burn your data, flip the disc over, and burn a precise, silkscreen-like label directly onto your

LightScribe CD or DVD.

Compatible and versatile

• Record to all major formats on one drive: ±R/±RW, DVD-RAM,

CD-R/RW, and LightScribe.

• Enjoy excellent playback compatibility on DVD drives and players.

• Record hours of video onto DVD with your PC, then play it back

in your living room.

• Record and back up critical files on DVD-RAM.

The hottest technologies

• Get the latest optical storage features in the HP dvd840e.

• Burn discs at high speeds.

• Record to single- or double-layer DVDs, and now to DVD-RAM.

• Burn labels directly to disc with the latest LightScribe technology.²

LightScribe direct disc labeling

• LightScribe is artistic: Create beautiful labels and burn them directly

to your LightScribe discs.

• LightScribe is easy: Just burn your CD or DVD, then flip the disc

over and burn a label.

• LightScribe can’t peel off, get stuck, or cause disc damage the way

paper labels can.

• LightScribe direct disc labeling means no pens, no ink, no printer

and no sticky labels.

Creative, fun and robust

• Full software suite included—edit video, organize photos, create

slideshows, back up music and data, create personalized label

designs, and more.

• Surprise your family and friends with slideshows and home

movies, digitally preserved on DVD or CD, beautifully labeled with

your own personal touch and ready for playback.

• Rely on HP’s high-quality testing standards for compatibility

and quality results.

(1) Also compatible with single-layer DVDs. Storing 8.5 GB on one DVD requires double-layer media, sold separately.

(2) LightScribe labeling requires LightScribe media.

HP dvd840e Super Multi DVD Writer

Key Specifications

Drive Performance


• Write speed:

DVD+R up to 16X (CAV); DVD+RW up to 8X (ZCLV); DVD-R up to

16X (CAV); DVD-RW up to 6X (ZCLV); DVD+R Double Layer up to 8X

(ZCLV); DVD-R Dual Layer up to 4X (CLV); DVD-RAM up to 5X

(PCAV); CD-R up to 40x (CAV); CD-RW up to 32x (ZCAV)

• Read speed:

DVD-ROM up to 16X (CAV); CD-ROM up to 40x (CAV)

• LightScribe CD labeling approximate times:

System Requirements





Title only

< 4 min.

< 3 min.

< 2 min.

Title & content

< 9 min.

< 7 min.

< 4 min.

Full label

(w/ graphics)

< 29 min.

< 24 min.

< 18 min.

• Sustained transfer:

1x CD = 150 KB/s (data mode 1); 1X DVD = 1350 KB/s

• Burst transfer rate: 33 MB/s max

• Access time: DVD-ROM (SL) 140 ms; DVD-ROM (DL) 175 ms;

DVD-RAM 250 ms; CD-ROM 160 ms (typical)

• Disc finalization time: DVD <2 minutes at 4X (DVD+R single-layer

disc); CD <1 minute typical

• Mean time between failures (MTBF): 100,000 POH at 20% duty cycle

in room temp


• Operating temperature: 5° to 45° C (41° to 113° F)

• Storage temperature: -30° to 60° C (-22° to 140° F)

• Operating humidity: 10%~80% RH (Non-condensing)

• Storage humidity: 10%~90% RH (Non-condensing)

• Power requirement: +5V±5%; +12V±10%



• Minimum system requirements: 800 MHz Intel® Pentium® III

processor or equivalent, 1.6 GHz Intel® Pentium® IV processor or

equivalent recommended (Actual drive performance depends on PC


• 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended for video editing)

• 1024 x 768 video resolution with a minimum of 16-bit color required

for DVD authoring and editing

• USB 2.0 interface and available port on PC

• Minimum hard disk space requirements: 1 GB free for included

software installation, 10 GB free for DVD video disc creation (18 GB

free for double layer). Internet connectivity recommended for software


• Operating system compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP/2000

Professional SP4, Windows Professional x64 edition, and Windows

Server 2003

• Device write media compatibility: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+R DL,

DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD-RW, LightScribe CD-R,

LightScribe DVD+R, 4.7 GB single-sided/9.4 GB double-sided

DVD-RAM (2.6 GB single-sided/5.2 GB double-sided media not


• Device read media compatibility: DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD+R DL,


single-sided/9.4 GB double-sided DVD-RAM (2.6 GB

single-sided/5.2 GB double-sided media not supported), CD-R,

CD-RW, CD-DA, CD Extra, CD-ROM (Mode 1 - Yellow Book),

CD-ROM/XA & CD-I Ready (Mode 2/Form 2 – Green Book),

Photo-CD (single and multi-session), VCD, CD-Text

• 1-year limited hardware and software warranty from date of



Box contents • External dvd840e drive with DVD±R/±RW and DVD-RAM read/write,

±R double-layer capability, and LightScribe direct disc labeling

• Software CD including electronic user’s guide

• Quick-Start placemat

• Getting Help guide

• USB 2.0 cable

• Power supply

Software included • Nero Software Suite (for DVD authoring, writing, editing and backup)

• SureThing (for LightScribe labeling)

• CyberLink® PowerDVD™ (for DVD playback)

Optional Accessories

CD and DVD recordable media

For best results, use HP DVD and CD recordable & rewritable discs, including double-layer DVDs and LightScribe discs, available from your local vendor.

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