Kindly provide the quotations . Hardware

Kindly provide the quotations . Hardware
Date: 15-Mar-17
Kindly provide the quotations for the below mentioned specification by April 25, 2017 at
[email protected]
Hardware Specifications:
Server Specifications
Processor per node
Core per processor
L3 Cache
DIMM slots
Hard Disk
HDD bays
Optical Drive
Network Interface
Power supplies
Form Factor
Intel® Xeon® Processor E5
E5-Latest Processor
Intel 600 series chipset
16 Cores
20 MB or higher
24 or higher
128GB DDR4 2133 MHz ECC RAM using 32 GB memory
modelues and 24 or higher number of slots. Should be expandable
600 SAS 10k 2
HDD bays supporting SAS, SATA, SSD, PCIe SSD and SED drives
Internal DVD +RW ROM drive
Minimum 4 integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports
5 USB 2.0 ports (2 each on rear and front, 1 internal), 1 Serial,
keyboard, mouse, graphics (DB
Redundant Platinum rated efficient Power Supply (atleast 750 Watts
each) to sustain above configuration. Power Supply with 80+ Platinu
rated for better utilization.
Hot plug and redundant fans
Max. 1U Rack form factor with sliding rails to fit into industry
standard 19" Server Rack
3 years onsite warranty (24 x 7 call logging) by OEM
SAN Storage
Usable Storage required
Host Connectivity
High Availability
Front End Fiber Channel
Operating System Support
Software Licenses
5 x 1.2 TB 10K RPM SAS Drives in RAID 5. Should be expandable
Storage Array shall be configured in a no single point of failure
configuration including array controller cards, cache memory, fan,
Power supply etc. with N+N redundancy.
Offered Storage shall have minimum of 2 Fiber channel minimum
The storage array should have a minimum of 64GB Cache. Cache
shall be used only for data and control operations and should not
handle any overhead of operating system. Cache shall be used for
both read and write operations.
Array should support hardware based RAID 0, 0+1, 1, 5 and 6 levels.
Windows Server 2012, Vmware
The system should be configured with perpetual licenses for FC,
iSCSI, Thin provisioning, snapshot, cloning, vo
lume copy,
Management software license for entire system. The system must be
configured with perpetual licenses for operation of storage device,
iSCSI application along with client agent to be installed on server,
backup agent, partitioning and for unlimit
ed number of hosts in high
availability. All licenses should be for the full capacity of the array.
Multipath and load balancing software for all SAN connected servers
shall be provided.
5 years comprehensive warranty inclusive of parts and labor
Service Implementation:
Installation of OS
Configuration of Vmware Licenses and Creation of required number of servers
Data Copying
Failover implementation and Testing
Software Specifications:
Windows 2016 Standard - 2 Licenses (downgradable to 2012)
Vmware Standard Edition - 2 Licenses
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