Personal Capture (PC Version)

Personal Capture (PC Version)
Personal Capture (PC Version)
System requirements (Recommended)
PC Windows 7 (XP is no longer supported)
Hardware for audio, screen and webcam video capture
Dual Core 1.8 GHz processor
10/100 network interface
20 GB free hard disk space
Internal audio device or USB port for audio capture
Color quality: Highest (32 bit)
Installation You must have an Echo360 User Account to access the Echo System Server
PC (Windows 7)
1. Log in to the Echo System Server and click on the “Downloads” tab.
2. Click on the “Installer for EchoSystem Personal Capture (Windows)” file name to download.
3. When download is complete double-click on the file to begin the installation process.
4. Follow the installation wizard. Select “Personal Capture” mode then “Next”.
5. Confirm the location by selecting “Next”. It is not recommended to change the file location.
6. When complete, click “Finish” to close the installer.
7. Open the Personal Capture software to verify proper installation.
Configuration (Windows)
1. Launch Echo360 Personal Capture
2. Select Microphone, Primary Display and Camera by clicking on each section. You are
not required to have a camera or display selected, however, a microphone is required to
EdCOMM | | 503.494.7722
3. You will be required to log in using your OHSU Username and Password in order to
publish recordings.
Recording (PC)
• The main recording window will display your camera’s preview and computer display that is
set to record. This is where all recordings are managed and published.
• Across the top of the screen just above the preview windows there is an audio meter that
reads your microphone’s volume. Test your microphone and watch the meter to ensure that is
working. It’s best for the meter to be in the yellow area.
•Click on the “Record” button to begin recording
•There is a 5 second countdown and then the recording begins.
•To stop or pause the recording:
•Alt + F3 pauses recording
•Alt + F2 stops recording
•Select from the system tray along the bottom of the monitor
EdCOMM | | 503.494.7722
Editing (PC)
CAUTION! The editing process in Personal Capture is destructive. Applying edits
cannot be undone!
Non-Destructive Editing can be done after publishing to the Echo System Server
•Click on the “Edit” button (pencil icon) to open the edit window.
•The editing window allows you to trim the beginning/end of the video, remove sections, and
name the video. You can also play, pause, or stop the video while editing.
•To trim the beginning or end of the recording drag the grey bar located at the left and right
ends of the timeline.
•To edit out a section drag the “Edit In” and “Edit Out” triangles to the left and right side of the
section you wish to remove. The “Make cut” button will then remove the section from the
video. Repeat as necessary.
•After making the appropriate edits press the “Apply Edits” to save. It will ask you if you want
to apply the edits.
CAUTION! The editing process in Personal Capture is destructive. After applying the
edit it cannot be undone!
Non-Destructive Editing can be done after uploading to the Echo System Server
EdCOMM | | 503.494.7722
Publishing (PC)
You must have an Echo360 User Account to publish from Personal Capture.
•To publish click the “Publish” recording button.
•You will be asked to log in with your Username and Password (if you are not already logged
• Add a title (if needed).
•Select the appropriate course. If your course is not listed you will need to contact EdCOMM
to create an Echo360 course for publishing.
•Select the “Output”. This is dependent on if you recorded display and video or just one or the
•If you do not want the recording to be immediately available uncheck the “Make Available”
box. This means that viewers will not be able to view the recording until you make it available
in the Echo System Server.
•Press the “Publish” button to begin the upload.
Upload speed is dependent on network speed, computer speed and length of recording.
EdCOMM | | 503.494.7722
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