Pro Camera Strap Double
Pro Camera Strap Double
”The difference between a successful and unsuccessful photo has often something
to do with speed. Therefore the sophisticated Rollei Pro Camera Strap Single can
make a decisive contribution.”
30 kg
total load
Month Warranty
and Replacement
Top Details
Ergonomically designed camera strap for carrying two cameras,
but can also be used as a single strap
For the use of heavy cameras (up to 15 kg on each side)
The wide shoulder pads balance the weight of the cameras
perfectly on both shoulders. Additionally the chest strap fixes the
harness on the upper body
Lockable quick release fasteners prevent undesired slipping
of the cameras and enable the quick disconnecting of the camera
and the strap
The two rubberized quick release plates are simultaneously Arca
Swiss compatible tripod release plates (each loadable up to 18 kg)
Scope of delivery
Camera harness system, rubberized aluminum Arca Swiss compatible
camera plates, safety straps and operating instructions
Subject to technical changes.
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