firefly laser series

firefly laser series
MODEL: KL‐MFT180RG USER GUIDE Service and repair The Laser Show equipment has no major serviceable parts. Repair of electronic‐ components (transistors, IC´s) or changing other parts are not allowed by untrained persons. If there is a problem with the Laser Show equipment, your local service engineer will help you with repair or replacement. We recommend shipping the Laser Show equipment to the manufacturer for reparation. Attachments: 1. Laser Light: 1PCS 2. Power Cable: 1PCS 3. User Guide: 1PCS WARNINGS 
Visible and invisible laser‐light, direct beam can damage the human eye and the eyes of animals. Do not look at any Laser light directly. 
Do not touch the laser aperture with the hand. When cleaning the laser aperture, please use a soft cloth with alcohol or camera lens paper. 
Do not take apart or modify the equipment. Fire or electrical shock may result. 
In the unlikely event that you hear unusual noise, see smoke, feel excessive heat or smell anything unusual, immediately unplug the power source and contact your retailer. Continued use may result in fires or electrical shock. 
Do not use flammable sprays near this equipment. Also do not spill water, liquids, or flammable liquids on the equipment. If fluids enter this equipment and contact the electrical parts, fires or electrical shock may result. If anything enters the equipment, immediately unplug the power supply and contact your retailer. Installation 1. Carefully inspect your Laser Show equipment after you unpack it. If any damage is evident, such as dents or scratches on the covers or broken knobs, etc., immediately notify your carrier and your local sales distributor. 2. Hang up the equipment in a safe place. Ensure there are no barriers in front of the laser aperture. Features of the product: 1. Laser power: 200mW red laser + 50mW green laser 2. Scanner system: Micro stepper motor 3. Working Modes: Sound Active, Auto run, DMX512 (9 CH), Master/slave mode. 4. Interface: 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser‐Slave linking 5. Input power: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz. Rated power: 25W. 6. Packing Size: L*W*H=306*266*158mm; Weight: 4.5KG Front and Rear panel view: 2
1. Laser Aperture 2. Sound active microphone 3. Sound active indicator: Blue 4. Power indicator: Red 5. DMX linking jack 6. Dipswitches: Function Setting 7. Cooling Fan 8. Key switch 9. Sound sensitivity knob 10. Power ON/OFF 11. Power jack Function and Setting As the above chart, DIP switch setting reference as follows: Stand alone (1). Sound active: #10 ON (2). Auto run: #9 and #10 ON Master and Slave mode (1). DMX and DMX Slave & Master: #1 ON (2). Master unit put #1, #9 and #10 ON, slave unit put #1 ON, then all the machines run with auto. (3). Master unit put #1 and #10 ON, Slave machines put #1 ON, then all the machines run with sound active. Universal DMX Operation (DMX mode) This mode allows you to use universal DMX‐512 console to operate. 1. Install the units in a suitable position. 2. Use standard XLR cable to connect your units together via the XLR connector on the rear of the units. For longer cable we suggest a terminator at the last fixture. 3. Assign a DMX address to each the unit using dipswitches. Turn on all units. Use DMX console to control your units. DMX Signal Master‐Slave Operation 1. Choose a unit to function as Master mode, set dipswitch to select Sound Active or AUTO mode. The others must be set to Slave mode. 2. Use standard XLR microphone cable chain your units together via the XLR connector on the rear of the units. For longer cable runs we suggest a terminator at the last fixture. Master/Slave mode Instruction for DMX channels Channel CH1 Mode select Value Function 0~49 Laser OFF 50~99 Sound active mode 100~149 Auto mode 150~255 DMX mode CH2 Scan Track Selection 0~255 Choose scanning effect CH3 X Axis 0~255 Change X axis position CH4 Y Axis 0~255 Change Y axis position CH5 Scan Speed 0~255 0 is speedy, 255 is slow 0~99 Clockwise running 100~199 Stop 200~255 Counter clockwise running CH6 Rotation Direction CH7 Rotation speed 0~255 0 is speedy, 255 is slow CH8 Strobe speed 0~255 0 is speedy, 255 is slow CH9 Color Selection 0~99 Red, green 100~199 Red 200~255 Green TROUBLE SHOOTING 1. If the power supply indicator is off and the laser doesn't work, please check the power supply and the input voltage. 2. In Stand‐Alone operation, if the power supply indicator is ON and sound active indicator is OFF, but the laser doesn't work. A. Because sound is too small and cannot activate laser running, please increase the music volume or increase audio sensitivity on rear panel. B. Please check if unit has been set up in slave mode, or DMX mode. 3. In Master‐Slave operation, slave units don't function, please check as below. A. Make sure there's only one master in the chain, and the others are set in slave mode. B. Make sure to control the units without DMX controller. C. Make sure to use a good quality power cable and XLR connector. 4. In DMX mode operation, the laser is OFF and the DMX signal indicator is unlighted, please check as below A. Make sure DIP switch #1 is ON. B. Make sure to have a good XLR connection. 5. In DMX operation, the unit can’t be controlled by the DMX console, but the DMX signal indicator is flashing, please make sure the DMX console and unit have the same channel. 6. If the output beam direction above is unusual, please restart the unit. 7. If the unit is fail, please turn off the unit, and then turn on again after 5 minutes. After trying the above solution you still cannot sort out the problem, please contact your dealer or our company for service. 
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