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Xtra.Remote Control - DE HAARDT Electronic Engineering
Remote Kart & Track Control
Xtra.Robust Xtra.Track Safety
the new standard
the Xtra.series
from the only original one
Remote Kart & Track Control
Xtra.Robust Xtra.Track Safety
the new standard
De Haardt Electronic Engineering BV has developed its 2nd generation
Remote Kart and Track Control system. This robust 2 way communication
system has been developed with the practical feedback in mind we received
from happy customers over the years.
Our Xtra.Remote Kart and Track Control system is a totally new design
which uses the latest technology and is not just a ‘modification’ of our classic system. This has resulted in a very easy to use and innovative product
which meets the necessary requirements for a rental karting track operator.
Remote Kart & Track Control
Xtra.Robust Xtra.Track Safety
Xtra.Remote Control
With the portable and rechargeable Xtra.Remote
Control track operators have full control over their
karts and racing lights. Dedicated buttons on the
keyboard allow for quick speed adjustments to
preset levels for individuals, groups or all karts
together. The speed limit can be adjusted easily
with step-up and down buttons. The karts engines
may be turned off completely. Penalties can be
given to crazy drivers. This slows their karts down
for some time after which the speed limitation is
taken away automatically.
the new standard
Reduced height antenna
Graphical display with backlight
• User friendly graphical display
• Adjustable contrast and backlight
2-way radio communication system
Control over racing lights
(e.g. start / stop & warning)
Full control over single, group or all karts
Multiple speed levels to
choose from including
complete engine shutdown
Membrane keyboard
• Buttons provide tactile feedback
• Dust, moisture or even chemicals can
not enter the unit through the keyboard
Especially for the mechanics the
Xtra.Remote Control shows engine total
running time and real time tachometer on
the graphical display. The modernly styled
Xtra.Remote Control can be hooked up to a
PC so computer programs* can control and
monitor all activity on the track. New software versions can be simply uploaded without the need to return the unit to the factory.
Penalties can be
given to drivers
Computer interface
• Control karts with computer programs*
• Easily install new software releases for
Xtra.Remote Control and Xtra.Shutdown Transponder
• Monitor all activity of other Xtra.Kart and Track Control devices
Accessories Xtra.Remote Control
Serial cable
Carriage bag
Mains adapter
Xtra.Shutdown Transponder
Every kart to be controlled remotely must be
equipped with an Xtra.Shutdown Transponder.
Assembly is quite simple thanks to the V-shaped
bottom which fits perfectly on both round and
square frame tubes. Controlling may be done
through individual kart, group of karts or all karts
together. These numbers can be assigned by track
operators using the Xtra.Remote Control. Multiple
tracks can be controlled fully independently. Split
tracks may be (re)combined to one single track
with a few clicks on the Xtra.Remote Control.
Because the Xtra.Shutdown Transponder operates
without batteries, no charging is required prior to use.
The Xtra.Shutdown Transponder is available
for TWIN engine karts also.
The built in antenna gives
ruggedness and prevents
antenna damage easily
caused by heavy vibrations
or clumsy drivers.
2-way radio communication system
The Xtra.Shutdown Transponder
is controllable for an individual
kart, a group of karts or all
karts at the same time.
Multiple tracks nearby can
be controlled fully independently even when duplicate
kart numbers are in use.
Robust housing protects
the inside electronics
against heavy vibrations
and other harsh conditions
The Xtra.Shutdown
Transponder does not contain
nor require batteries. It comes
fitted with a connector for a
brake activated switch.
If activated the Xtra.Shutdown
transponder reduces the
speed to idle.
The enclosure sides
are supported with
tie-wrap feeds for
better fixation and
to prevent the unit from
slipping off by vibrations
Kart network port.
For connecting (future)
kart electronics to the
Xtra.Shutdown Transponder
easily with a single cable
The enclosure specially
designed V-shape ensures
stable fixation on both round
and square frame tubes
Accessories Xtra.Shutdown Transponder
Brake switch
Some of the Xtra.Shutdown
Transponder features:
• Tachometer
• Engine running timer
• Engine shutdown switch
• Max engine revolution limiter
Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint
Use the Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint to cover hard-to-reach areas
on the track. Hard-to-reach areas may be caused by distance (track size)
or by protruding objects like buildings and trees (blind spots) or by
interference like power lines running close by.
Because of its forwarding / repeating nature, placing several Xtra.Range
Extender-Accesspoints spread evenly over the circuit will maximize reliability.
The unit provides an access point for a personal
computer as well. Hook it up through the serial
port and control /monitor karts or entire track with
computer programs*. There is no need to return
the unit to the factory for new software releases,
uploading new software from personal computer
to Xtra. Range Extender-Accesspoint is easy.
Flexible antenna
Xtra.Range Extender may be
configured and checked remotely
using the Xtra.Remote Control
Upgradeable with
Xtra.Light Control board
Enclosed in a robust die-cast
IP65 housing, designed
to endure the worst
outdoor conditions
Simply remove design covers
to mount the unit without
opening the enclosure
Enclosure features threaded
holes for easy and secure
wiring of racing lights through
cable glands. Provided with
blanking plugs
Metal cable glands
2-way radio communication system
Dual power supply. Operates
on either mains or external
DC power supply like a battery or solar panel system
Waterproof Computer interface
- Control and monitor karts with computer programs*
- Easily install new software releases for Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint
- Monitor activity of all Xtra.Kart and Track Control devices
Xtra.Light Controlboard
The Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint is upgradable
with an Xtra.Light Control board. This board adds three
mains switches and four low-voltage signal inputs to
the Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint. Hook up green
start, red stop and yellow warning lights and control
these with an input signal or wirelessly using the
Xtra.Remote Control and / or personal computer. With
advanced system configuration the signal inputs may
be assigned to other functions as well.
from the only original one
Accessories Xtra.RangeExtender-Accesspoint
Wall mounting fixture
Pole mounting fixture
Serial cable
* third party
Technical specifications
Xtra.Remote Control
LxWxT = 172x77x25 mm (without antenna)
Approx. 1.000.000
245 custom assignable (short) kart numbers
Membrane with tactile feedback
Graphic LCD, with backlight
2 way communication
Radio technology
Power supply
mains adapter
2 x high capacity rechargeable Ni-MH, size AA
Battery charger
RS-232 port
PC connection
Max 85% relative
Traffic, Racelight Control
Default Speed 1 limit
2100 RPM
Default Speed 2 limit
3000 RPM
Default Speed 3 limit
4000 RPM
Default Speed 4 limit
Number of tracks to be controlled
Yes, multiple levels
Brightness control
Backlight modes
10s, 30s, off
Automatic 30s, 1m, 5m, off
Power save
Diagnostics functions
Stepwise speed control range
2000 ... 6000 RPM and unlimited
Brake switch speed control range
1600 ... 6500 RPM and unlimited
Maximum speed limiter control range 1600 ... 6500 RPM and unlimited
4 penalty times can be setup.
Penalty speed limit can be selected
from the 4 speed levels.
Software upgradable
Carriage bag
Approx. 290 grams
Temperature range
-10 ... +55 Degrees Celcius
Xtra.(Twin)Shutdown Transponder
Maximum number of karts
Maximum number of groups
Maximum number of tracks
Engine shut down
Operating principle
Speed operating range
Radio technology
Brake switch
Engine running time counter
Motor type
Kart type
Temperature range
LxWxT = 76x67x39.5 mm
Approx. 1.000.000
245 custom assignable (short) kart numbers
5 custom assignable group numbers
4 custom selectable
Spark cancellation
1600 – 6500 RPM
2 way communication
Limits the speed to custom preset value
when the brake switch is activated
By means of the network connection, (future)
units on karts can mutually communicate
Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Real time readable with the Xtra.Remote Control
Honda GX160/GX200 and compatible
Single engine & Twin engine versions available
Mountable on round and square tubes,
supported with tie-wrap feeds.
Approx. 200 grams
-10 ... +55 Degrees Celsius
Other systems by de Haardt Electronic Engineering BV
• Automatic speed reduction in the pit lane area
• Remote Kart and Track control for electric go-karts
• Customized systems
Xtra.Light Controlboard
Output light patterns
Maximum total output current
Maximum individual output current
Input triggers
Power source
Temperature range
3 channels (Mains switches)
Continuously on
Continuously off
Blinking on/off (Blinking rate 20 ... 1000 mSec)
Configurable for each output channel individually
6.3 Amp
4 Amp
4 galvanicly isolated 12 volt inputs.
Both ac and dc voltages can be used.
Rising edge
Falling edge
Positive level
Negative level
6.3 Amp / Slow (20mm)
Internally from
Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint.
-10 ... + 40 Degrees Celsius
Approx. 100 grams
Xtra.Range Extender-Accesspoint
Power supply
Radio technology
Range extender
Warning messages
Access point interface
Rated temperature range
Maximum mains current
Maximum current external dc port
Software upgradable
LxWxT = 180 x148x91 mm
(without antenna)
230 V ac (+10 ... -15%) , 50-60 Hz 4.5 ... 15V dc
2 way
Die-cast IP65
Enabled / disabled
4 Tracks, can be individually enabled / disabled
Low battery detect warning
-10 ... 50 Degrees
(without light control board installed)
-10 ... 40 Degrees (with light control
board installed)
6.3 Amp with light control board installed
0.1 Amp whithout light control board installed
250 mA
Approx. 1650 grams
De Haardt Electronic Engineering BV
The Netherlands
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
All products are designed as supplement to make karting safer, but cannot replace safe track procedures. If equipment fails, the normal operating procedure must still be adequate to safely operate the track.
Maximum number of karts
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