Bernoulli Bluetooth
User's Guide
Bernoulli Bluetooth
Congratulations on your purchase of the most innovative bluetooth mouse. With an incredible
sensitivity to surface details and high tracking speed than other mice, the mouse can track
reliably even on tricky polished or wood-grain surfaces. It offers even more advance that will
make you more productive and more comfortable.
2 * AAA batteries
2.4GHz Bluetooth RF (distance : 10m, in open site)
Using state-of-art technology. High tracking speed and sensitivity.
79 Channels
Power on/off switch.
800/1600 dpi switchable button.
2*AAA Alkaline batteries included.
This Product doesn’t include Bluetooth dongle.
The mouse easily connects to notebooks built in Bluetooth technology.
The mouse also can be connected to Bluetooth dongle through your Bluetooth
dongle driver, it is not guaranteed 100% compatile.
A wrong battery placement
may cause batteries overheat.
Battery compartment
The unit offers a strong power saving management. Once the mouse accesses the sleeping mode, " to click any
button of the mouse" is compulsory to wake it up.
Power on/off:
Power on/off switch is designed to save the batteries power while non-usage of a longer period.
The red LED on the scroll wheel of the mouse is a low batteries power indicator. It indicates that batteries inside
the mouse need to be replaced.
Make sure that you are not working the mouse on glossy or reflective surfaces.
2. Bluetooth Pairing
Wheel button
ID reset button
Low power
Power on/off switch
Dpi button
a. Turn on your PC .
b. Insert battery properly ( please refer to ”Hardware Installation” & ”Insert the batteries” )
make sure that mouse is in power on status. Push ID Button to enter connecting status,
and low power LED will be flashing slowly.
Power on/o
ff switch
ID reset button
A. Hardware Installation
USB port
1. Insert the batteries
a. Remove the battery compartment cover on the bottom case of the mouse.
b. Fit in the batteries accordingly to the diagram indicated in the battery cabinet.
c. Close the battery compartment cover properly.
d. Make sure the Power on-off swich on the bottom of the mouse is ON.
e. The Low Power LED on the wheel bar will be on for 6 seconds if the mouse power is on.
c. Click “Bluetooth icon” to open Bluetooth device in control panel or toolbar
d..Click “ add “
g. please tick “ Don’t use a passkey ” and click “ Next ”
e. Please tick “ My device is set up and ready to found ” and click “ Next ”
h.Now Bluetooth device is in connecting status.
f. Choose “ Bluetooth Mouse New Device” and click “Next ”
i. System will show installment finished in dialogue box, then click “ finish”.
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