End User Brochure

End User Brochure
Stream speech and
music directly to your
hearing aids
Get the full story
directly in your ears
Use the Interton Mini Microphone to
transmit speech or music directly
to your wireless hearing aids.
Simply clip the Mini Microphone to
a family member, friend or speaker
and stream their voice directly
to your ears. It doesn’t matter if
you’re in a difficult listening situation like a conference
or a restaurant, and you don’t need any uncomfortable
adapter around your neck. You’ll hear everything in
crisp, clear sound.
Key features
-2.4 Ghz wireless signal with a range
of up to 23 feet (7 meters)
-Easy to place on clothes
-Small and discreet
Find out more
Go to the Interton website for more information about
products and accessories.
Interton - Essential Hearing
Founded in Germany in 1962, Interton today is part of one
of the world’s largest hearing instrument organizations,
the GN Group. We use their proven core technology in a
way that falls in line with our own way of doing things.
We believe that most people need a straight-forward,
functional and easy-to-use hearing solution at a fair
price. So that’s what we give them.
Interton A/S | Lautrupbjerg 7 | DK-2750 Ballerup
Tel: +45 4575 1111
| www.interton.com
-Easy to change volume
Interton IS A registEREd trademark
-Easy to switch on/off button
Mini Microphone
Don’t miss a thing
Sometimes you need a boost to even the best hearing aids. Whether you’re in the car or at a
conference, Interton Mini Microphone is the easy, reliable way to make sure you hear every
word of the conversation, whatever the situation.
Part of a great
wireless family
Our range of wireless accessories make everyday
listening a simpler, more pleasurable experience.
Stylish, easy to use and simple to set-up, they are
a hassle-free way to surround yourself with sound.
Remote Control
Use the Remote Control to adjust the volume in either
one or both hearing aids, change TV or audio channels.
TV Streamer
The TV Streamer streams sounds from your TV directly
to your hearing aids, turning them into wireless stereo
Get all the facts at the meeting
Just get your friend or colleague to clip on the
small, discreet Mini Microphone, then listen to every
small detail in clear crisp sound. Whether you’re at a
conference, business meeting, speech or social event,
you can enjoy a one-to-one conversation even if there
is some noise around you.
Keep your eyes on the road
Clip the Mini Microphone on to one of your passengers
and you can concentrate on what they say, as well
as concentrating on the road. You won’t have to look
at their lips and you’ll hear exactly what they say in
crystal clear sound. Driving couldn’t be safer.
Move to the music
Hear clear speech from the
music while you exercise. Mini
Microphone streams audio from
your personal music player to
your hearing aids. You can plug
it into your radio, PC or tablet, or even place it in
front of the TV and listen while you clean the house.
It’s the ultimate voice and audio streamer.
No adapter needed
Interton Mini Microphone is easy
to connect and use. It’s a wireless
connection that pairs automatically
with your wireless hearing aids.
Then just switch on and it streams
sound up to 23 feet(7m), so you
can walk and talk around the house, or sit at the back
of the room and still hear what’s being said.
Phone Clip
This tiny device clips discreetly to your clothes and
connects your hearing aids directly to a Bluetooth®
enabled mobile phone.
Remote Control
TV Streamer
Phone Clip
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