Electrolux Trilobite
The Trilobite® is a state of the art robotic vacuum cleaner
designed to make your life easier.
The automatic cleaner that
really cleans.
Regular cleaning makes a
difference and can dramatically
reduce the build up of dust,
allergens and other unwanted
impurities. This is where the Trilobite® comes in.
Fully automatic and slender enough to fit under
furniture, this friendly robot takes the back ache out
of cleaning. It cleans the floors and minimises dust
build up in corners since it enables you to clean far
more often.
How it picks up so much dust.
The Trilobite® sends out harmless
ultrasound signals to determine the
size of the room and then
navigates through it. It zig zags
back and forth, calculating what's
left to clean. Thanks to powerful brushes, it picks up
not only dust, crumbs and hair but fine dust particles
as well - on everything from low pile carpet to tiles.
But it is also sensitive enough to avoid cords and
other objects by a few millimetres.
Weight (kg):
Charging time
Cleaning time
< 60
Diameter (mm):
Dustbin capacity:
Programmable timer lets you
decide when to clean.
To return home to a dust free
environment, just set the Electrolux
Trilobite's® timer to the time and
day for cleaning and leave it to do
its work. After vacuuming it automatically finds its
way back to its docking station to recharge. the only
thing left for you to do is charge the filter and empty
the dust box - and don't worry, we've made that part
really easy!
You decide where it will go
and how.
A magnetic safety strip can be
placed along certain areas where
you don't want the Trilobite® to go.
If you have stairs at home, a stair
sensor will prevent it from falling down. You can
also select the type of programme you want normal, quick or spot cleaning.
3 cleaning programs
Normal, Quick and Spot cleaning programmes.
Electronic display
Electronic dustbox filter indicator
Electronic dustbox filter indicator tells you when its
time to change the filter.
Magnetic strips
Magnetic strips define the working area for the
Trilobite and act as a virtual wall. They can be used
in doorways, around stairs and partial walls.
Programmable timer
Day/Time programme feature that allows you to
select when you want to clean your floors.
Stair sensor
The Trilobite 2.0 is developed to cope with stairs. It
will automatically turn back when it comes near the
edge of a stair.
180° ultrasound
Navigates the room by using 180° ultrasound.
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