WiFi Internet Access - Plymouth University

WiFi Internet Access - Plymouth University
WiFi Internet
Windows XP
Setup Instructions
Produced Oct 2010
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About the Janet Roaming Service
The University of Plymouth provides an infrastructure for guest users to use their home
network unique credentials to gain authenticated independent network access at visited
JANET connected organisations, without any administrative burden or added complexities both for the user and the local IT staff. The guest user can then use whatever remote access
facilities are provided by their own organisation and whatever facilities are offered by the
visited organisation.
These pages provide setup instructions for guest users using a laptop with Windows XP.
For more information please visit http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/wifi
Although the Eduroam wireless network is available in many locations, coverage can only be
expected in areas where you see the following sign:
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Please Note…
Please ensure you have a firewall enabled and up to date anti-virus
software before you attempt to connect to the eduroam connection.
This is to provide security for your machine to stop malicious software
as well as to protect other computers connected to the University
Windows has an inbuilt firewall you can enable by going to Control Panel
> Windows Firewall > On.
The University provides Kaspersky Internet Security 6 which is a complete
security package (Firewall and Anti-Virus included) for free which can be
downloaded at https://ictwebtools.plymouth.ac.uk/workathome/default.aspx
Alternatively you can download the free anti-virus software Windows
Security Essential at http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/
The easiest way to connect to the eduroam network will be to turn on the wireless
connection on the laptop and automatically let it detect the eduroam network. Follow the
bubble at the bottom screen when indicated.
If this is not successful, follow the instructions
The core settings you need to know to connect are…
Wireless Grade: 802.11b/g/n
Wireless Name & Type: eduroam WPA2 with AES
Security: PEAP with MS-CHAPv2
Certificate Type: 3rd Party root trust (AddTrust External CA
 Credentials: Use your University username and password
(same for logging onto portal)
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Eduroam Internet Access
Manually connecting to the WiFi service
 Now Do This…
1. Many laptops have a switch to enable or disable the wireless network adapter. Ensure that the
wireless network adapter you are using is enabled.
2. Right click on the wireless
connection icon in the system tray
(near the clock), and select View
Available Wireless Networks
3. Click on Change the order of
preferred networks
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Eduroam Internet Access
4. If eduroam does not appear in the
preferred networks list click Add…
If eduroam does appear in the
preferred networks list select it and
click Properties
5. In the Wireless network properties
In the Network name(SSID) text box
type eduroam.
Set the Network Authentication to
Set Data encryption to AES
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Eduroam Internet Access
6. Next click on the Authentication tab
Set the EAP type to PEAP
Click on the Properties button
7. Tick the Validate server certificate
& AddTrust External CA Root check
Tick the Enable Fast Reconnect tick
Click on the Configure… button
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Eduroam Internet Access
8. Un-tick the Automatically use my
Windows logon name and
password tick box, and click OK.
9. Click OK until there are no more open Dialog boxes
10. When this bubble appears click on it
11. Type in your username and
password for your home site.
If you are a University of Plymouth
student, your username and
password are the same as your
computing account
If you are not a University of
Plymouth student your username
will be of the form
[email protected] e.g.
[email protected]
Click OK
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
Eduroam Internet Access
12. If you do not see the screen in step
13 you may be presented with the
option to validate the server
Please check the certificate details
match those of the screenshot by
clicking View Server Certificate and
click OK
(Please be aware the Issued To
section can differ between ils001,
ils007 and ils009)
13. Once you see this bubble box, then
you're connected to the eduroam
 How can I contact technical support for WiFi
Web: http://www.plymouth.ac.uk/wifi
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 01752 588900
Eduroam Windows XP Help Sheet
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