Philips SmartManage software
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monitor accessory
an advanced corporate asset
management solution
Philips SmartManage is an advanced software solution for managing Philips monitors as
part of the corporate asset management environment.
Lower total cost of ownership
• Monitor security management by IT administrator from remote
• Turn on/off a group of unattended monitors remotely
• Generate monitor asset audit reports in real time
• Distribute messages to multiple monitors spontaneously
• Manage monitor performance and settings from remote/ local
• Integratable with mainstream asset management software
• Extensive monitor inventory information
For preview purpose only
monitor accessory
Technical specifications
Product highlights
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• Works with: 150S5, 170S5, 190S5, 150B5,
170B5, 190B5, 170P5, 190P5, 150S6, 170S6,
190S6, 150B6, 170B6, 190B6, 170P6, 190P6,
200P6, 200W6, 230W5
Monitor security management
Monitor security management reduces theft risks
through active security measures both from server and
monitor firmware.
Monitor power management
Monitor power management reduces unnecessary
power consumption from a number of unattended
monitors without generating additional staff expenses
or operating costs.
Real-time asset reports
Web-based asset reports can be retrieved in real time
by IT administrators.
Real-time message distribution
Real-time message distribution enhances
communications by delivering messages directly to
monitor users' screens.
Performance management
Performance management allows end users to adjust
monitor performance and settings through local
software interface, and also provides the designated
administrator with the ability to reset all or selected
monitors to factory default settings at the same time.
Expandability provides the flexibility to grow a system
through integrating SmartManage with mainstream
asset management solutions and other well-known
systems (such as Altiris Asset Management Suit, Dell
OMCA, HP Client Management) when organisation
requirements change.
Asset tracking
Asset tracking collects and stores information including
user name, monitor name, location code, serial number,
asset number, purchase date, cost codes, cost centre
code, running hours, size and resolution, manufacturing
date, security status, on-line status and custom
information for tracking/auditing reports to meet
internal management requirements.
Date of issue 2006-07-10
Version: 1.0
12 NC: 8639 000 15773
EAN: 87 10895 86040 6
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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