Philips SYE5600 Datasheet

Philips SYE5600 Datasheet
Powerline ethernet
85 Mbps
Expand your existing powerline ethernet network
Simply plug it in!
Philips introduces a truly simple way to share the Internet and network your computers
by using the existing home power wiring. Simply plug in an additional powerline
ethernet adapter and expand your existing powerline ethernet network.
Enjoy connectivity in any room
• Turn your power socket in home into an internet access point
• Up to 85Mbps allows extremely fast data transport
• Fully compliant with the global HomePlug standard
• Data transport up to 200 meter via the home power wiring
Share your data, secure and reliable
• Share digital media, like music, video files and games
• Secured privacy by 56-bit DES coding
Networking, the simple way!
• No new wiring, use the existing home power wiring
• Instant connectivity, true plug and play
• Simply add an additional powerline ethernet adapter
Powerline ethernet adapter
85 Mbps
Product highlights
Actual data transfer speed: Up to 30 Mbps
Maximum data transfer speed: Up to 85 Mbps
Frequency range: 4.3-20.9 MHz
Maximum range: Up to 200 m
Cable Connection: IEEE 802.3 RJ-45 ethernet
• Plug & Play
• Encryption / security: 56 bit DES encryption
Cables: Ethernet cable, 2.0 m
CD-ROM: Security CD-ROM
Quick start guide
User Manual:
System Requirements
• CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
• Internet connection: Broadband Internet
• Product dimensions (WxDxH): 97x70x83mm
• Product weight (g): 150
Packaging Data
12NC: 9082100044505
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 8710895881357
Gross weight: 0.505 kg
Tare weight: 0.160 kg
Net weight: 0.345 kg
Length: 180 mm
Width: 132 mm
Height: 102 mm
Outer Carton
EAN/UPC/GTIN: 87 10895 97725 8
Quantity: 6
Gross weight: 2.79 kg
Tare weight: 1.0 kg
Net weight: 1.79 kg
Length: 321 mm
Width: 279 mm
Height: 191 mm
• Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Access via your power sockets
A home network can be easily created by making use of
the existing home power wiring. It essentially turns your
electrical outlet into a home network access point. This
enables easy access in every room and avoids cost of
additional new wiring for your home network, without
any in-house construction limits.
High speed data rates
Boost your home network up to 85Mbps over your
existing household power circuit. This high speed
performance allows extremely fast data transport and
data access, giving you actual throughput rates up to
HomePlug standard supported
The main worldwide standard for powerline
communication is called HomePlug. HomePlug
technology uses your existing household power supply
as a communication medium for data and media.This
standard is supported by Philips and many other well
know companies around the world.
Wide range network
The signals which need to be transported through the
home, make use of your existing home power wiring
and can reach up to 200 meters of electrical wiring.
This enables full in-house coverage.
Share digital media
Share your broadband access and network your PCs
together. You can easily enjoy music, photos, video files
of DVD-quality and on-line gaming from one PC to
another and bring IP-TV in every single room in house.
Secured privacy
The powerline ethernet adapters offer a security
protection system to highly secure everyones privacy,
using 56-bit DES encryption. This provides you a safe
and secure connection, that avoids data corruption,
interference and unauthorized use by unwanted parties.
To install your security password, Windows 2000 or XP
is required.
No new wiring
By simply making use of the existing home powerline
wiring, you can avoid drillling and extra cabling in your
house. Simply plug in the powerline ethernet adapter
and it will be linked, making use of your exsiting home
powerline infrastructure.
True plug and play
The powerline ethernet adapter can be plugged directly
in your wall power socket, giving you a quick and easy
set up in less than 5 minutes. Very straightforward: you
plug it in and it works.
Expandable network
The powerline ethernet adapter allows you to easily
expand your network connectivity options; a real
scalable network solution. For additional powerline
ethernet connectivity, just add more adapters to your
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