Welch Allyn 34” Integrated Wall Panel

Welch Allyn 34” Integrated Wall Panel
3. Affix the mounting rail bracket to two studs at the selected height using the
available screws (anchors are provided for additional support).
34 Integrated Wall Panel (
77790-3, 4, 5)
Manual part no. 718345, 80017426 Ver. B Revised 2016-06
© 2016 Welch Allyn
WARNING Welch Allyn is not responsible for the integrity of any
mounting installation. Welch Allyn recommends that customers contact
their Biomedical Engineering Department or maintenance service to
ensure professional installation for safety and reliability of any mounting
1. Choose a location for the panel near the examination table and an electrical
Sample room layout
If studs are not available, use three anchors and screws.
Caution Ensure that the upper "lip" of the bracket sticks out from the
wall and that the bracket is level.
4. Hang the panel on the mounting rail bracket.
WARNING Ensure that the channel on the back of the panel fully
engages the mounting rail bracket. The panel should be level and flush
to the wall.
5. Secure the unit to the wall using the “A” screw.
WARNING Failure to install this security screw may result in personal
injury and equipment damage.
1. Panel
2. Examination table
2. On the selected wall, find and mark the studs, and choose the panel height
and corresponding height for the mounting rail bracket.
Recommendation: Place the bracket 63 in. (160 cm) from the floor.
6. Mount the Welch Allyn products to the panel according to the figures on the
reverse side of this instruction sheet.
34 in
(86 cm)
12 in
(30 cm)
63 in
(160 cm)
Aneroid blood pressure gauge: position the gauge bottom on the pre-installed
screw and then secure the top of the gauge using the two additional screws
SureTemp® Plus thermometer: position the thermometer on the pre-installed
screws and then secure it with the two additional screws provided.
Install the remaining products on the pre-installed screws.
For diagnostic systems without SureTemp thermometry, cover the unused
screw holes with the FastCaps provided.
Instrument location—Spot Vital Signs®
Instrument location—Aneroid blood pressure gauge
Aneroid blood
pressure gauge
Wall transformer
for otoscope/
SureTemp Plus
Instrument location—ProBP
Wall transformer
for otoscope/
Spot Vital Signs
Wall transformer
for otoscope/
SureTemp Plus
Instrument location—Spot Vital Signs® LXi
SureTemp Plus
Spot Vital Signs LXi
Wall transformer
for otoscope/
ophthalmoscope dispenser
USB cable
Welch Allyn, Inc.
4341 State Street Road
Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220 USA
Regulatory Affairs Representative
Welch Allyn Limited
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Navan, County Meath
Republic of Ireland
Manufactured in the USA for Welch Allyn by Heartwood. P/N: HRT718345
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