DJI Focus Accessory Support Frame Quick Start Guide

DJI Focus Accessory Support Frame Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
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The DJI Focus Accessory Support Frame allows the motor to be mounted
against the camera lens gear ring. Its unique design enables more precise
control of the camera lens for undersized cameras.
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In the Box
Camera Riser ×1
Extension Rod Kit ×1
Accessory Mount ×2
Screw ×2
Extension Rod ×2
Accessories Package
Camera Screw A (1/4'') ×2
Camera Screw B (3/8'') ×2
Camera Screw C (1/4'') ×2
Camera Screw D (3/8'') ×2
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1.Mount the camera riser if necessary. Choose camera screws that meet
the specifications of the camera.
2.Attach the camera mounting plate to the camera riser and tighten the
camera screws.
Camera Riser
Camera Mounting Plate
3.Attach the extension rod kit to the camera mounting plate and tighten
the screw.
4.Slide the accessory mount onto the extension rod, adjust it to the
desired position and then tighten the knob.
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5.Install a third extension rod if necessary.
6.Mount the DJI Focus motor. Adjust its position so that it makes good
contact with the camera lens gear ring.
Ensure the whole structure is securely held in place.
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