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Precision Farming solutions
The Perfect Blend of Advanced Technology and Simplicity
The Easy Decision for Precision.
Table of Contents
Introduction.................................................................................................................................................................................. Page 4
Matrix® Pro GPS Guidance System............................................................................................................................................. Page 6
FieldPilot® Auto-Steer System..................................................................................................................................................... Page 10
BoomPilot® Automatic Boom Section Control.............................................................................................................................. Page 12
Fieldware® Link for PC Cataloging............................................................................................................................................... Page 14
CenterLine® 220 GPS Guidance System..................................................................................................................................... Page 15
ISOBUS Rate Control Solutions.................................................................................................................................................. Page 16
Upgrades, Accessories & Components....................................................................................................................................... Page 18
Understanding GPS Accuracy..................................................................................................................................................... Page 22
Ab o u t T e e J e t T e c h n o l o g i e s
TeeJet Technologies introduced the very first spray nozzles designed for agricultural use in the 1940’s and has been the leader
in spray products and accessories ever since. We were also among the first to introduce electronic controls to the agricultural
market in the mid-1980’s and have an established leadership position in the precision farming market as well. Growers around
the world depend on TeeJet Technologies for a wide range of products ranging from spray tips, boom components and valves
to guidance, auto-steer and rate control systems.
Boost Productivity and Profits
Are you looking to be more productive, more profitable and more responsive to
the environment? TeeJet Technologies has a suite of advanced precision farming
tools to help you increase your efficiency, improve your bottom line and reduce
your environmental footprint.
TeeJet Technologies, a leader in precision application components, control system
technology and application data management, provides products that can be put to
work immediately and deliver payback with the first pass across your field. Our
solutions are designed for quick installation, intuitive operation and easy and
economical expansion as your needs evolve. We strive to provide unique
capabilities, more features and more functionality at a lower cost than
other suppliers.
We push the boundaries of high-performance, maximum value equipment for precision
farming. TeeJet Technologies first introduced electronic controls to the market more than
30 years ago and is now a global leader in ISOBUS technology. Our company holds
more than 200 patents and dozens of industry firsts including guidance over
video (patent-pending), integrated rate control and automated steering systems.
Our complete array of precision farming solutions will help you control input costs
and maximize yields. Our product line fits a wide range of budgets and farming
operations and includes systems for guidance, swath management, auto-steer,
rate control, machine monitoring and more.
Plus, we’ve aligned ourselves with the best dealers in the world. Our knowledgeable
experts work closely with them to make sure you get the most out of your investment.
When you buy from TeeJet Technologies, you can count on quality and outstanding
technical support.
Look to TeeJet Technologies for innovation, value
and simplicity.
Matrix® pro with RealView™
Guidance Over Video
Guidance Like You’ve Never Seen Before
When it comes to guidance, Matrix Pro is in a category of its own. Exclusive features
and unmatched flexibility make it unlike any other guidance product.
RealView Guidance Over Video – A TeeJet® Exclusive!
Now you can have all the guidance information you need, watch what’s ahead and
monitor various implement operations on a single console simultaneously. The result?
Improved accuracy, easy implement monitoring and reduced stress.
NextRow – Another TeeJet Exclusive
You’ll never drive into the wrong row again when making headland turns with NextRow.
Enter swath width and Matrix Pro will guide you to the correct row every time.
Complete User Control
You choose what you want to see – guidance over video, video only or guidance
only. Choose the number of cameras based on your requirements – up to eight
cameras can be used.
Upgrade at Your Own Pace
Matrix Pro is auto-steer and automatic boom section control (ABSC) ready.
Enabling these features in the future is fast, easy and economical.
More information on a single
screen than ever before
RealView Guidance Over Video
Use the Matrix Pro System for:
• Spraying
• Solid seeding
• Spreading
• Harvesting
• Tillage
Video can be turned off
at any time
Guidance information can be
turned off at any time
Matrix® Pro System Overview:
Features that Boost Productivity and Efficiency
• Exclusive RealView™ Guidance Over Video displays guidelines
on a real time display of the field actually being worked.
Matrix Pro also displays video from up to eight cameras
for monitoring of many machine operations
• Two-way data transfer allows uploading and downloading
of job data, boundaries, no-spray zones, AB lines and
more to save time and increase efficiency
• Save and recall multiple guidance lines for future
reference and field operations
• Easy-to-use PC utility simplifies creating/maintaining
client/farm/field/job data
• Unique NextRow feature helps determine the correct
row to drive into when making headland turns in
established row crops
”Being able to watch four different areas of
the equipment with the cameras is a definite
plus for us. In addition, we really enjoy the
color screen, additional guidance features
and coverage map data we can export.
Matrix has helped us increase
efficiency, lower costs and
reduce stress.”
– B rian French, Custom Applicator,
French Agri-Service Inc.
• “Painted screen” provides graphical display of field coverage,
including skips and overlaps
• Set reduced swath widths for headland spraying and
then easily revert to full-swath spraying for the main
area of the field
• Field Finder suggests field boundaries and/or jobs
based on current location
• A+ degree heading makes setting exact guideline directions
quick and easy. This is especially useful when operating multiple
machines in the same field at the same time
Matrix® pro with RealView™
Guidance Over Video
Matrix Pro System Overview:
Easy and Economical Expansion Options
• Add FieldPilot® auto-steer system, BoomPilot® ABSC
and/or RowPilot planter section control without breaking
the bank. Matrix Pro has the functionality built in so
upgrading requires simple hardware additions
• Adding more capabilities doesn’t complicate operation.
Matrix Pro only displays menu and setting options related
to the functions you’re using
• Matrix Pro multi-tasks with ease so you can operate
all your systems simultaneously
Upgrades, Accessories & Components
FieldPilot® Auto-steer: See page 10
Tilt Gyro for automatic adjustment in uneven terrain: See page 19
BoomPilot® Automatic Boom Section Control: See page 12
Video Selection Module; required for use with more than
one camera: See page 19
RowPilot Automatic Planter Section Control: See page 14
RealView camera: See page 18
Higher-performance antennas for better gain and sensitivity;
GPSL1 and GLONASS-compatible: See page 20
OmniSTAR®, CORS or base station RTK solutions: See page 21
Matrix® Pro System Overview:
High-Quality Components Ensure Dependable Operation
• Bright color touch screens readable in full sunlight – choose Matrix
Pro 570G with a 5.7 in/145 mm display or Matrix Pro 840G with a
8.4 in/213 mm display. Matrix Pro 840G is recommended when
using four or more cameras to simplify viewing
• Intuitive, easy-to-use display with simple menus and
large field image on the main screen
RXA-30 antenna
• RealView™ cameras provide crisp video over a wide
range of lighting conditions – full sun to total darkness
– and distances up to 60 ft/20 m
• Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver provides reliable GPS signal
• ClearPath™ technology, standard on the Matrix Pro, enhances
GPS performance in areas where reception is poor or in
regions where differential correction is not readily available.
See page 21 for more information
RX410p Receiver
• Compatible with CORS or base station RTK solutions in addition
to WAAS and OmniSTAR® XP/HP (requires use of additional
external receiver)
• Optional receivers and antennas available for improved accuracy
Perspective-View Guidance
Compass headings
on horizon
Accurate boom
section representation
Adjacent guidelines
Active guideline
“Painted” coverage area
The upper right and upper left displays are independently user selectable to display one of the following:
area, ground speed, swath number, time of day or heading
Guidance Modes
Straight AB
Curved AB
Circle Pivot
Last Pass
Next Row
F i e l d P i lo t ® H y d r a u l i c
Auto-steer System
Does More, Costs Less
Put FieldPilot in the driver’s seat and you’ll cover more ground
more accurately than you could manually. FieldPilot auto-steer
system will save you time, money and stress. With more features
and a lower cost, FieldPilot offers more value and
a faster payback than other auto-steer systems.
Exceptional Steering Performance and a Smooth Ride
Rough terrain? Hilly, sloped fields? FieldPilot connects to
your equipment’s hydraulic power steering system for
reliable and convenient control. Tilt compensation and
gyro-stabilization are standard features and automatically
correct side slope positional errors to ensure accuracy.
The proportional PWM steering valve provides aggressive
line acquisition and stable online performance yielding accuracy
and a smooth, comfortable ride. You can drive faster, extend your
operating hours and still maintain precision.
Optimum Performance, Unique Features
FieldPilot uses the Matrix® Pro system for GPS guidance so you’ll be able
to take advantage of our exclusive RealView™ Guidance Over Video feature.
It is the only system on the market that displays guidance information and live
video simultaneously. You’ll find it easy to monitor multiple implements and
field operations and optimize performance.
Unbeatable Price, Broad Platform
FieldPilot offers incredible value with more functionality than systems that cost
10% to 30% more. This means you’ll recoup your initial investment faster. Plus,
the cost to add automatic boom section control (ABSC) is significantly less
than competitive systems. FieldPilot can be installed on a wide variety of makes,
models and years of tractors, sprayers and combines.
Use FieldPilot for:
• Spraying
• Solid seeding
• Spreading
• Row crops
• Tillage
• Harvesting
FieldPilot Overview
• Low-cost, high-performance auto-steer system greatly reduces
operator fatigue and significantly improves productivity
• The Matrix® Pro interface is easy to learn. Touch screen
with intuitive icons simplifies set-up and operation
• Matrix Pro console is available in two sizes, 5.7 in/145 mm or
8.4 in/213 mm. Up to eight cameras can be used with the system
• Direct-connect auto-steer capability for select vehicles greatly
simplifies installation and eliminates the need to install a hydraulic
valve. For other vehicles, FieldPilot can be owner-installed in
approximately four to eight hours. Installation kits are available
for more than 300 different vehicles including many older model
tractors, combines and sprayers. Please visit www.teejet.com
or contact your local representative for more information
• Hydraulic steering interface is responsive and provides
excellent line acquisition and stable on-line performance
• Clutter-free cab. No brackets or motors are required in the cab
eliminating any chance of interference with normal steering.
Exterior valve location minimizes noise and heat
Upgrades, Accessories & Components
RealView™ camera: See page 18
Video Selection Module; required for use with more than
one camera: See page 19
Higher-performance GPS antennas for better gain
and sensitivity; GPSL1 and GLONASS-compatible: See page 20
OmniSTAR®, CORS or base station RTK solutions: See page 21
”Everyone knows the advantages you can expect to see in fuel savings
and input costs when you use auto-steer. I think the biggest
advantage is the efficiencies you gain in reducing operator stress.
With FieldPilot®, I’m less fatigued and can run
a couple of hours more than when I would
have to concentrate on my driving.”
– Bill Boston, Athensville, ILLINOIS, USA
B o o m P i lot ® Au to m at i c
B oo m S e c t i o n Co n t r o l
Reduces Input Costs by as Much as 15%
BoomPilot uses GPS to record the applied areas in
your field and makes automatic adjustments based on that
data. When a section of your sprayer boom overlaps an applied
area, that section is switched off. When it enters an unapplied
area, the section is turned on. Adding BoomPilot to your Matrix®
Pro guidance system should be an easy decision. The upgrade
cost is low and the savings you’ll experience will quickly offset
your investment.
TeeJet® patented Flow Back valves provide an ideal complement to
BoomPilot by ensuring rapid and precise boom shutoff. Using Flow
Back valves and BoomPilot together delivers unbeatable value
by eliminating waste.
Compatible and Easy to Install
BoomPilot is compatible with a wide variety of rate controllers and
maintains accurate application rates and area measurement. The
Y-cable and module design is easy to install and allows continued
use of existing boom section switches. In many cases, you can
install BoomPilot in about 10 minutes.
Optimum Performance, Unique Features
Because BoomPilot is part of the Matrix Pro guidance system,
you’ll also be able to take advantage of our exclusive RealView™
Guidance Over Video feature. It is the only system on the market
that displays guidance information and live video simultaneously.
You’ll find it easy to monitor and verify multiple implements and
field operations in order to optimize performance.
Use BoomPilot for:
BoomPilot is Compatible With Many Leading
Control Systems Including:
TeeJet Technologies
LH Agro
Please contact your local TeeJet representative
for further details.
BoomPilot Overview
• Elimination of overlaps and skips results in lower input
and fuel costs
• Automatic control reduces operator stress
• Compatible with a wide variety of rate controls
• Controls up to 15 boom sections
• No additional switch box required – BoomPilot uses
your existing section control switches
• Quick installation, intuitive operation
• TeeJet® Flow Back valves provide an ideal complement
to BoomPilot. Flow Back valves include an extra passage
that allows boom pressure to be dissipated immediately,
resulting in instantaneous shut-off of the spray nozzles
Upgrades, Accessories & Components
BoomPilot helps
eliminate skips
and overlaps
RealView™ camera: See page 18
Video Selection Modules; required for use with more than
one camera: See page 19
Higher-performance GPS antenna for better gain and
sensitivity; GPSL1 and GLONASS-compatible: See page 20
OmniSTAR®, CORS or base station RTK solutions: See page 21
Flow Back valves ensure
rapid and precise spray
nozzle shut-off
”We recently added TeeJet Technologies Matrix® guidance system,
FieldPilot® auto-steer system and BoomPilot® automatic boom
section control to our JCB tractor and GM-R Eazi-Trac trailed sprayer.
Now that we rely on BoomPilot, we’ve significantly
reduced the amount of pesticide we’re using. ”
– John Orford, Norfolk, UK
Enhance Productivity with Improved
Data Management
With today’s expanded precision farming data collection
capabilities comes a need to better organize and manage this
information. Fieldware Link is a PC utility used in conjunction with
Matrix Pro for easy data management. Fieldware Link maintains
files in a simple database structure, using a traditional precision
farming hierarchy of: Client, Farm, Field, Job. Efficiency of field
operations can be improved by better organizing job details ahead
of time and by easy information storage at the end of the day.
Reuse Lines and Boundaries
Boundaries and guidelines can be copied from one job to another,
eliminating the need to re-record field boundaries. The ability
to reuse guidelines means work patterns and directions can
be duplicated exactly for subsequent jobs.
Easy and Accessible
Fieldware Link is compatible with 17 languages.
To download Fieldware Link please visit www.teejet.com
Use Fieldware Link for:
• Spraying
• Solid seeding
• Spreading
• Row crops
• Tillage
• Harvesting
Centerline® 220
GPS Guidance System
Simple, Affordable, Reliable
CenterLine 220 Overview
The compact, portable CenterLine 220 is designed to let you
profit from GPS lightbar guidance with any field operation.
For easy-to-use, no-frills, low-cost manual guidance, there
is no better choice. It’s a great replacement for foam markers.
CenterLine 220 provides more features, costs less and
eliminates recurring foam costs and maintenance headaches.
• Simple GPS guidance in a compact, portable package
So Simple, You’ll be Operational in Minutes
Set-up is so fast and easy that you’ll be up and running in
minutes with CenterLine 220. It’s extremely simple to use
with minimal programming requirements – no manual needed.
Affordable Value
CenterLine 220 is an excellent choice for growers taking their
first steps into precision farming or for those needing an
economical secondary unit. A proven product with many
satisfied users, CenterLine 220 is widely used by growers
around the world.
• Quick and easy set-up
• Produces radar-like speed output compatible with many control
and monitor systems
• LED lightbar plus a graphical screen provide multiple methods
of displaying guidance information
• Straight-line and curved AB guidance modes along
with return-to-point function
• Integrated look-ahead functionality anticipates vehicle’s
future position
• Durable, backlit keypad is easy to see in low-light conditions
”Our first experience with precision agriculture
Use the CenterLine 220 for:
was with a CenterLine 220. We later added
• Spraying
• Solid seeding
FieldPilot® auto-steer system to it. Our JD 9100
• Spreading
• Harvesting
tractor is used mostly for anhydrous ammonia
• Tillage
application and tillage operations, so
WAAS accuracy was all that I was
looking for with these applications.”
– Dean Korsmeyer, Alhambra, ILLINOIS, USA
T e e J e t ® ISO B US
Rate Control Solutions
Options for Growers With
or Without a Virtual Terminal
Many newer tractors feature factory-installed ISOBUS terminals.
If you have a virtual terminal in your cab, you’re well aware
of the benefits of ISOBUS. Our ISOBUS IC18 Electronic
Control Unit (ECU) can help you leverage that investment by
providing rate control economically. Displays such as the Deere
GreenStarTM 2600/2630 are fully compatible with TeeJet ECUs.
Or, if you’re in need of a simple rate control solution but don’t
yet have any ISOBUS components, our IC18 ECU and Matrix®
570 VT can meet your immediate need and provide a foundation
for the future.
Use TeeJet ISOBUS rate control for:
• Spraying
• Spreading
• NH3 application
NH3 Application
Automatic Boom Section Control
ISOBUS Rate Control Solutions Overview
IC18 Sprayer ECU and IC18 Spreader ECU: Use with
your existing VT for spraying and spreading
• Works seamlessly and displays on any ISOBUS VT
• Easy navigation menu and data rich display
• IC18 Sprayer ECU suitable for use with NH3 and liquid fertilizer
• IC18 Spreader ECU for dry product application
IC18 Sprayer ECU and
IC18 Spreader ECU
use the same enclosure
but provide different
• Automatic boom section control upgrade option
• Variable rate control available providing your VT has
GPS and task control capability
• IC18 ECU resides on the implement, reducing hardware in the cab
IC18 ECU and Matrix® 570 VT: For spraying and spreading
Matrix 570 VT is
easy to use and install
• Easy navigation menu and data rich display
• Can be used for NH3 and liquid fertilizer application as well as
spraying and spreading
• Add additional ISOBUS ECUs as your needs change
BoomPilot ECU has a
built-in GPS receiver
• Provides basic rate control
• Standardized plugs, cables and software simplify installation and
connectivity and result in true “plug and play” technology. IC18
ECU resides on the implement, reducing hardware in the cab
BoomPilot® ECU
• Suitable for use with IC18 ECU for sprayers
atches available sections on IC18 Sprayer ECU
and provides automatic boom section control
• Includes internal GPS receiver
Upgrades, Accessories & Components
Multiple ECUs can be linked together for multi-product application
Switchbox with master and individual boom section
shutoffs available
oomPilot ECU resides on implement, eliminating
hardware in the cab
A Bit About ISOBUS and TeeJet® Technologies
• In 2001, farm machinery manufacturers agreed to implement a common standard for communication interfaces on tractors,
implements and farm management systems. The standard is called ISO 11783 and is commonly referred to as ISOBUS.
The common standard enables products from different manufacturers to communicate and eliminates the need for separate
terminals, displays and controls. Once ISOBUS is fully implemented, tractors will have a single virtual terminal in the cab
• A virtual terminal is the device that allows the operator to provide input information. An Electronic Control Unit (ECU),
also known as a job computer, is installed on the implement and is where processing and control occurs
• TeeJet Technologies has been a global leader in ISOBUS development and implementation. Design and manufacturing of ISOBUS
components for sprayers and spreaders started in 2001
Up g r a d e s ,
Accessories &
C o m p o n e n t s
RealView™ Cameras
Improve Accuracy and Simplify Monitoring
Our Matrix® Pro guidance system uses RealView cameras
for guidance over video. Most growers mount a RealView
camera to the cab to provide video of what’s ahead. However,
camera placement is entirely up to you. You can use up to
eight cameras with Matrix Pro allowing you to monitor multiple
equipment operations or field activities. All video is displayed
on the Matrix Pro console.
• RealView cameras capture crisp images over
a wide range of distances and lighting conditions
from full sunlight to total darkness
• Nighttime camera viewing distance extends
up to 60 ft/18.3 m
• Sturdy RAM mount for easy installation
and adjustment anywhere
• Dust and water-resistant construction ensure long
service life and reliable performance
• Add up to eight cameras to the Matrix guidance system for a more
complete view of your field and equipment. The possibilities are
endless from watching center boom sections to planter row units
and seed/fertilizer hoppers
Video Selection Module
• Used in conjunction with Matrix® Pro to allow operation
of two to eight cameras
• Rugged module with mounting flanges allows for ease
of installation
• Module allows camera images to be flipped and rotated
as needed via onscreen settings
Tilt Gyro Module
• Corrects GPS position errors caused by side-slope conditions
when using Matrix Pro for guidance. Unit ensures reliable
performance across a variety of terrains
• Mounts to a solid structure on your vehicle and provides
corrected position data to the Matrix Pro. For example, if your
GPS antenna is mounted 12 ft/3.7 m above the ground, a 10%
side slope can cause 2 ft/0.6 m of position error. Tilt compensation
and gyro-stabilization automatically communicates the
required correction
• Rugged, solid state construction
• Separate module is mounted remotely in vehicle cab to
minimize clutter
• Set-up is performed easily in the field with on-screen
calibration procedure
• Diagnostic LEDs indicate the power status, operating status,
and status of incoming GPS data
• Weatherproof electrical connector for trouble-free operation
• Mounting holes built into housing
Tip: Add Tilt Gyro Module to Matrix Pro when operating in hilly
or rolling terrain to ensure accurate and consistent position
information. See pages 22 and 23 for information
about GPS accuracy.
Patch Antenna
• Compact, low profile design with a magnetic base
for fast and easy installation
• Compatible with WAAS and EGNOS correction signals
(Matrix Pro GLONASS upgrade optional)
• Reliable, field proven design
Tip: Matrix Pro requires use of an antenna. Choose the patch
antenna when working in areas with an unobstructed view
of the sky and thorough GPS satellite coverage.
See pages 22 and 23 for information about GPS accuracy.
Up g r a d e s ,
Accessories &
C o m p o n e n t s
RXA-30 Antenna
• High-gain, helix antenna provides increased noise rejection and
improved reception of lower elevation satellites. Good for operating
in northern latitudes or areas with lots of trees or hills
• Compatible with WAAS and EGNOS correction signals
• GLONASS ready design (Matrix® Pro must be GLONASS capable)
• Sturdy magnetic mount for fast and easy installation
Tip: Matrix Pro requires use of an antenna. Choose the RXA-30
Antenna when working in areas with a moderately obstructed
view of the sky such as heavy tree cover or hilly terrain or
in more extreme latitudes where GPS satellite coverage
is less consistent. See pages 22 and 23 for information
about GPS accuracy.
RX370p Receiver
• Antenna and receiver combined into single enclosure
for easy installation and space savings
• Compatible with WAAS and EGNOS correction signals
• Produces radar-like speed output compatible with many
control and monitor systems
• Cruise technology maintains accuracy during brief correction
signal outages
• Pre-configured for plug-and-play compatibility with
TeeJet® guidance systems
• Compatible with TeeJet and many other guidance and precision
farming devices
RX410p Receiver
RX610 Receiver
• Flexible receiver is compatible
with WAAS, EGNOS, Beacon,
and L-band (OmniSTAR®
VBS) corrections
• RTK receiver for use with
CORS/Network RTK
• Cruise technology maintains
accuracy during brief correction
signal outages
• Separate antenna is compatible
with GPS, WAAS, EGNOS, Beacon and L-band signals
• Set-up wizard guides you through the set-up process
• On-board display and buttons permit easy configuration
and status checks
• Internal cellular modem
available in CDMA or GSM
network configuration
• Dual-frequency (L1/L2)
WAAS/EGNOS antenna provides
improved accuracy over single frequency antennas
• Compatible with OmniSTAR XP and HP
• Compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellites
• Single piece, smart antenna design for ease of installation
• Quick-release, lockable mounting bracket provides security and
allows receiver to be easily moved between multiple vehicles
RX510 Receiver
• ClearPath technology
• Dual-frequency (L1/L2)
WAAS/EGNOS antenna
provides improved accuracy
over single frequency antennas
– Utilizes advanced algorithms to calculate position
information in cases where DGPS coverage is spotty or
inconsistent due to satellite geometries or heavy tree cover
• Compatible with OmniSTAR XP and HP
• Compatible with both GPS and GLONASS satellites
• Single piece, smart antenna design for ease of installation
• Quick-release, lockable mounting bracket provides security and
allows receiver to be easily moved between multiple vehicles
• ClearPath™ Technology
– Utilizes advanced algorithms to calculate position information
in situations where DGPS coverage is spotty or inconsistent
due to satellite geometries or heavy tree cover
– In geographies where SBAS is not available, such as
South America, portions of Asia and other regions,
ClearPath provides a more refined and accurate signal
based on non-differential GPS data. ClearPath does not
provide WAAS/EGNOS-level accuracy but it offers significant
improvement over basic GPS position information
Tip: Matrix Pro requires use of an antenna. Choose the
RX610 when sub-inch/cm accuracy is needed.
In addition, RTK accuracy provides year-to-year
repeatability which is beneficial in strip-till and general
row crop applications where multiple trips will be performed
in the same fields throughout the growing season.
– In geographies where SBAS is not available, such as
South America, portions of Asia and other regions, ClearPath
provides a more refined and accurate signal based on
non-differential GPS data. ClearPath does not provide
WAAS/EGNOS-level accuracy but it offers significant
improvement over basic GPS position information
Tip: Matrix® Pro requires use of an antenna. Choose the RX510
for applications where improved accuracy above and beyond
WAAS/EGNOS is desired such as row crop planting.
GPS Accuracy Definitions
Pass-to-pass accuracy measures the relative accuracy of a GPS
receiver over a 15-minute interval. It does not reflect the long-term
accuracy, which is affected by GPS drift.
Year-to-year repeatability is the measure of repeatable
accuracy that allows one to return to the same point and follow
the same guidance path a day, week, month or year after being
initially established.
Different System Accuracies:
+/- 1 in/2 cm
(also referred to as
centimeter or sub-inch)
+/- 1 in/2 cm
+/- 2-4 in/5-10 cm
(also referred to
as decimeter)
+/- 4 in/10 cm
+/- 3-5 in/8-13 cm
(also referred to
as decimeter)
+/- 8 in/20 cm
VBS, Beacon,
+/- 6-10 in/15-25 cm
(also referred to
as sub-meter)
+/- 3 ft/1 m
GPS Glossary
A device for transmitting and receiving radio frequency (RF) signals.
In terms of guidance devices, a GPS/GNSS antenna merely accepts
signals from satellites or base stations. No internal calculations are
performed within the antenna.
Base Station:
A stationary GPS/GNSS receiver that serves as a reference point,
providing correction data to a “rover” GPS/GNSS unit. Correction
data can be broadcast via RF, cellular signal or the Internet.
Commercial Satellite Provider:
Another common source for DGPS signals. Error correction
information obtained from their base stations is sent to a
communications satellite (separate from the GPS satellites)
and broadcast to the user. These satellite-based corrections
tend to have more widespread coverage than tower-based
broadcasts (FM links), and system accuracy is not greatly
affected by the user’s distance from the base station receivers.
Most of these service providers require a subscription fee for
use. A commonly known provider is OmniSTAR®.
GPS Glossary
CORS (Continuously Operating Reference Station)/
Network RTK:
A series of base stations spread across a given geographic
region (such as an entire state/county) that are networked via
a centralized computer and which broadcast RTK correction data
over the Internet. CORS networks may be publicly or privately
owned/operated and may offer a free signal or require an annual
subscription fee. By accessing a CORS network via a cellular
connection, the end-user eliminates the need to own a base station.
GPS Drift:
Positional shift that can be caused by changes in satellite
constellation, operating near trees or other obstacles and satellite
clock errors. RTK correction is recommended for field applications
where the effects of GPS drift need to be minimized.
GPS Receiver:
Converts the satellites’ signals received via antenna into
position, velocity and time. This information is used for navigation,
positioning, time dissemination and research.
Differential GPS (DGPS):
The most common way to correct for normally occurring GPS errors.
Examples of DGPS include WAAS, EGNOS, OmniSTAR® and RTK.
Dual Frequency or L1/L2:
This term refers to a navigational receiver capable of using
L1 and L2C satellite frequencies to derive a position.
EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation
Overlay Service):
A satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) developed jointly
by the European Space Agency (ESA), European Community and
EUROCONTROL. The system is free to use and provides differential
correction coverage primarily across the European continent. EGNOS
delivers pass-to-pass accuracies of 6-10 in/15-25 cm and year-to-year
accuracies of 3 ft /+/-1 m.
GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System):
A global satellite navigation system developed and operated by the
Russian government. It is composed of approximately 24 satellites
which continuously orbit the earth. While early GNSS receivers
typically utilized only GPS signals, many of today’s GNSS receivers
can utilize signals from both GPS and GLONASS, effectively
increasing the total number of satellites available for use.
GPS (Global Positioning System):
The name of the satellite-navigation network maintained by the
U.S. Department of Defense. It is composed of approximately
30 satellites which continuously orbit the earth. The term is also
used to refer to any device that depends on navigation satellites
for functionality.
GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System):
A general term that refers to a multiple satellite navigation
system used by a receiver to compute its position. Examples of
these systems include: GPS developed by the United States and
GLONASS by Russia. Additional systems in development include
Galileo by the European Union and Compass by China. New
generation GNSS receivers are being designed to utilize multiple
GNSS signals (such as GPS and GLONASS). Depending on
constellation and desired accuracy levels, system performance
may be improved by having access to a greater number of satellites.
RTK (Real Time Kinematic):
Currently the most accurate GPS correction system available
that uses a land-based reference station located in relatively
close proximity to the GPS receiver. RTK can provide one-inch,
also known as centimeter, pass-to-pass accuracy and also provides
year-to-year position stability. RTK users can have their own base
stations, subscribe to RTK Networks or use CORS.
SBAS (Satellite Based Augmentation System):
A general term that refers to any satellite-based differential
correction system. Examples of SBAS include: WAAS in the
United States, EGNOS in Europe and MSAS in Japan.
Additional SBAS covering other regions of the world will
likely be coming online in the future.
WAAS (Wide-Area Augmentation System):
A satellite correction service developed by the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). It is free to use and provides coverage
across the U.S. along with parts of Canada and Mexico.
WAAS delivers pass-to-pass accuracies of 6-10 in/15-25 cm;
however, year-to-year accuracy will be in the range of +/- 3 ft /1 m.
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