CNR-BTU5 Bluetooth Dongle

CNR-BTU5 Bluetooth Dongle
CNR-BTU5 Bluetooth Dongle
Package Contents
Bluetooth USB Adapter
Bluetooth software and driver CD
Multi-language user manuals in CD
1. Installing Bluetooth software for windows
1. Insert the Installation Software CD into CD-ROM drive. If the Auto-Run function
of CD-ROM is disabled, you can utilize the Windows Explorer to browse CD content
and run CNR-BTU3_v2.0 driver/ Setup.exe manually.
If the Auto-Run function of CD-ROM is enabled (in Windows, this function is
usually enabled as a default setting), a CD menu will be displayed automatically,
and then click “Install driver” button to install driver.
EN -1
2. Select the Language you want to install from the drop down box, and then press
“OK” to continue.
3. Please click “Next” several times as instructed to continue the software
installation. In the License Agreement window, please read through license
agreement carefully, and then click “I accept” and “Next” to continue.
EN -2
4. Designate the location where Bluetooth Software is to be stored at; if you do
not change the default settings, it will be stored under C:\Program Files\IVT
Corporation\BlueSoleil\. Click “Next” to continue.
5. The Installation Wizard will start installing the software and copying files to
your hard disk. After having copied all the files, the installation will try to install
virtual Bluetooth device in your system. It may take a few minutes, please wait
while it finishes the installation.
EN -3
6. There are two new Bluetooth icons appearing on the desktop and the windows
task bar respectively when logged in to Windows operating system. For more
information on the BlueSoleil, please refer to Chapter 2.
7. Now you can plug-in / install your USB Bluetooth Dongle into your computer.
8. The Windows will show a prompt message “Found new hardware – USB Device”
in the system tray Bar. Please wait until it finishes the installation. When the
Bluetooth Icon becomes Blue, then the hardware is installed and ready to use.
EN -4
9. Please remove the Software CD after the installation is completed.
2. Initiating the Bluetooth Device
The Bluetooth Dongle needs to be plugged into the USB port of your computer.
Initiate the Bluetooth Dongle service for ready to use.
1. If Bluetooth Dongle is not plugged in, the system tray bar will show the
Bluetooth function being not available.
2. After you plug in the Bluetooth USB Dongle, the system tray Icon will become
3. Right Click the Bluetooth service tray Icon, and click on the “Display”.
4. Type in a name for computer using Bluetooth service a name and also a
computer type to be identified by other Bluetooth devices.
EN -5
3. Stopping the Bluetooth Device
Remove the Bluetooth Dongle from the USB port. The tray bar icon will show the
BlueSoleil being not available.
Figure 1-26: The Bluetooth Device is not available.
4. Starting Bluetooth
1. Insert the USB dongle to your computer.
2. Start BlueSoleil.
3. Plugging in and removal of the USB dongle will be detected by BlueSoleil. You
can start BlueSoleil first and then plug in a USB dongle.
EN -6
5. Establishing Bluetooth Connection
A connection is normally initiated from the client.
On the server side, start the service.
On the client side, initiate the connection.
Start Service on Server
If BlueSoleil provides service, please proceed to initiate:
1. Change to Service Window.
2. Right-click the service icon, select Start Service on the pop-up menu.
Initiate Connection on Client
In Main Window:
1. Single clicks my device, (ball diagram in the center) to search the Bluetooth
devices in range.
2. Search the selected Bluetooth device service by double-clicking the device icon.
Service button on the top of the BlueSoleil Main Window will be highlighted if the
service is supported by the device. Enter the same Bluetooth passkey on both
devices if necessary to pair up the two devices.
Connect the Devices.
Single-click the highlighted service button to establish the connection
EN -7
A. If the device requires pairing, the Bluetooth Icon in the system tray will show
a warning massage that the Bluetooth connection requires pairing number
B. Input the same pairing number as you input in the other Bluetooth device.
Then click “OK” to finish the Bluetooth connection pair procedure.
EN -8
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