Headset - BBB Cycling

Headset - BBB Cycling
Compression ring
ACB Bearing
Upper Cup
Lower Cup
3e. Place the compression
ring on the top of the fork
steerer and slide it down
until it rests against the top
3f. Place the cover cup on
the top of the fork steerer
and slide it down until it rests
against the compressing ring.
ACB Bearing
Crown Race
1. Install the headset crown
race on the front fork. Make
sure that it is seated completely and level on the fork
2. Make sure your frame's
head tube is properly faced,
then install the upper and
lower cups onto the frame's
head tube using a headset
3a. Assemble the headset
(without grease), fork and
stem to check the fork's length.
3b. Install the lower cartridge
bearing into the lower headset
cup, making sure they are
seated correctly. No grease.
3c. Place the upper bearings
into the upper headset cup.
No grease. Make sure the
bearings are seated correctly.
3d. Insert the fork's steerer
tube onto the frame, with
all the bearings in place.
3g. Slide stem into the fork
steerer tube. Make sure the
top of the stem is 5-7mm
higher than the top of the
steerer. If the stem is not
high enough, install spacers
below the stem or cut the
steerer to the appropriate
4. Disassemble.
5. Using a star-nut setting
tool, insert the BBB RoundHead star-nut into the
steerer tube of your fork.
6. Re-assemble (Steps 3).
Grease the bearing seals
inside the cups.
7. Install the top cap by
turning the screw into the
star-nut. Tighten until the
front fork turns smoothly
without play or wobble.
Tighten until all play is
out of the headset.
8. Straighten the stem and
tighten the stem clamp
screws. Periodically check
headset adjustment,
especially during the first
few rides. The front fork
should turn smoothly without binding or wobbling.
Your BBB TurnAround headset features a specially-designed compression ring, which makes the headset more durable.
To disassemble the headset, it may be necessary to pry the compression ring off with a screwdriver.
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