Multi Camera over Fiber, With Media Converters

Multi Camera over Fiber, With Media Converters
CCTV Camera System: Multi Camera over Fiber, With Media Converters
Media Converter
Chassis Cards
Due to ongoing technological improvements, product specifications are subject to change without notice. This diagram is for illustration only. It assumes an ideal RF environment. Due to adverse, site-specific wireless conditions, KBC Networks cannot guarantee the operation
of the system as depicted in this diagram. A bench test is highly recommended for familiarization and easier troubleshooting should it be necessary. Environmental restrictions could require reconfiguration to some degree including, but not limited to, the need for upgraded
antenna options.Researched by KBC Networks Technical Support Group, this drawing was assembled and at the time of publication is believed to be accurate. This information remains the property of KBC Networks and is subject to change at any time. For the current release
of theis drawing, please contact KBC Networks.
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