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195 mm
TM-J2000 series
TM-J2000 series
195 mm
Paper Dimensions
• TM-J2000 64 nozzle serial inkjet
• TM-J2100 128 nozzle serial inkjet
• 57.5 ± 0.5mm, 69.5 ± 0.5mm,
76 ± 0.5mm, 82.5 ± 0.5mm
Print Density
Paper Thickness
• 180 x 180 dpi (text)
• 360 x 360 dpi (barcode)
• 0.06 to 0.11mm
Print Method
Ink Cartridge
Print Font
• 12 x 24 / 9 x 17
• Column capacity
82.5mm : 42 / 56,
76mm : 40 / 53
70mm : 36 / 48,
58mm : 30 / 40
• Character size
1.41 (W) x 3.39 (H)
0.99 (W) x 2.4 (H)mm
• Character set
PC437, PC850,
PC852, PC858,
PC860, PC863,
PC865, PC866,
Custom Graphic Bar
code : UPC-A,
EAN13, 2 of
5 (ITF), Code39,
Code93, Code128,
• Characters per inch 15cpi (Font A)
20cpi (Font B)
• TM-J2000
• TM-J2100
Ink Life
Campus 100, Maylands Avenue,
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP2 7TJ
Telephone: +44 (0) 1442 227 222
Fax: +44 (0) 1442 227 244
• TM-J2000 24,000,000 characters (mono)
• TM-J2100 17,000,000 characters (2 colours)
Specification subject to change.
All manufacturers’ trademarks acknowledged.
• 24 VDC ± 10%
Power consumption
• Approx. 1 A (operating)
D.K.D. Function
• 2 drivers
180,000 hours
50,000,000 lines
Overall Dimensions
• Partial cut/Full cut
• 195(W) x 250(D) (275 D with
overhanging ledge) x 195(H)mm
• RS-232, Bi-directional parallel
Option : RS-485, USB Ethernet
Data Buffer
EMC Standards
• Receive buffer 4 KB or
512 bytes (DIP-switch)
• User NV 24 KB
• Macrobuffer 2 KB
• Graphics 384 KB
• VCCI class A, FCC classA, CE marking,
Canada EMI, AS / NZS 3548
Print Speed
Safety Standards
• Character: 14.7 lps (8 lines / inch)
Graphic : 43mm / sec. (76 mm width
paper, Full columns print)
• UL, CSA, TÜV (EN60950)
• Approx. 4.7kg
Your Epson TM-J2000 series supplier is:
Power supply (external)
• PS-170
Inkjet printer, offering colour receipts and
enhanced graphics at the Point of Sale
• Fast two-colour inkjet printing
• Plain, pre-printed or recycled paper
• Permanent, high resolution graphics
• High reliability and easy maintenance
• Ergonomic front loading design
REV 04/01
Technology for Retail
Developed to help you turn your receipts into a dynamic marketing tool, the TM-J2000 series
brings crisp, high resolution 2-colour printing to the point of sale. It is perfect for competitive, high
transaction retail environments, such as department stores and supermarkets, where it is vital to leave
the customer with a good - and long-lasting - impression.
Our TM-J2000 series is a new kind of PoS
receipt printer. In addition to the qualities
of reliability, ease of use and flexibility you
have come to expect from Epson, it also offers
speed, quietness, high resolution graphics
and, in the case of the TM-J2100, 2-colour
printing. In short, the TM-J2000 series is ideal
for enhanced one-to-one marketing and
efficient service at the Point of Sale.
Colour-enhanced customer service
Ergonomic, easy-to-use design
The TM-J2000 series’ quiet 2-colour
printing helps you to fully differentiate your service at the Point of Sale
with attractive and eye-catching
receipts. Printing in black only
(TM-J2000) or black-red, blackblue and black-green (TM-J2100),
it gives you the opportunity to
feature high impact, colour logos,
coupons and advertisements to
communicate and build loyalty with
your customers.
Epson’s proven SEAJet
printing technology has been further
refined for use at the Point of Sale,
delivering permanent, fast drying,
high resolution graphics – including
barcodes, coupons and loyalty
statements – without compromising
on speed, reliability or efficiency. In
fact, the TM-J2000 series produces
up to 14.7 lines of text and 43mm of
graphics per second, enabling you to
maintain high standards of customer
service and minimise queues.
The TM-J2000 series’ easy to use,
front-loading system, ensures that
both paper roll and ink cartridges can
be changed quickly and with little or
no disruption to customers. The
operations panel is also located at
the front and is clear and simple to
understand, even for inexperienced
staff, while simple paper-width
adjustment and an optional autocutter
makes producing receipts even easier.
The compact and ergonomic
design keeps operating space to a
minimum, ensuring the printer fits
easily onto – or even under – any
counter, while a flat surface enables
a customer display or similar item to
be placed on top of the printer. A
plastic pocket at the back of the
printer is ideal for inserting your logo
or advertisements.
Easy operation
• Image enhancing colours
2-colour ink cartridges are capable of
printing up to 17 million characters
(the TM-J2000’s black cartridges
can print 24 million), helping you
to reduce wastage and save on
The TM-J2000 series’ reliable
and durable printing head is driven
by electro-static power (more energy
efficient than thermal or impact
technologies). Power consumption is
also extremely low when the printer
is in standby mode.
Low cost of ownership
Designed for demanding, high
transaction retail areas, such as
department stores and supermarkets,
the TM-J2000 series helps keep
operating costs to a minimum and
brings environmental benefits. In
common with all inkjets, it enables
you to print on ordinary, including
recycled and pre-printed, paper. In
addition, the TM-J2100’s long life
The TM-J2000 series comes with a
wide range of interface options,
including parallel and USB ports.
An OPoS / Windows advanced printer
driver enables the printer to run in
Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT
• Speed: 14.7 lps (character)
43mm/sec (graphics)
• Fast drying inkjet technology
• Ink life: 24 million characters
(mono) 17 million (2-colour)
• Compact, space saving design
• MCBF: 50 million lines
• Low consumables cost
• Low power consumption
• OPoS support
• Dimensions: 195mm (W) x
250mm (D) x 195mm (H)
• Easy paper and ink cartridge change
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