Philips Flat TV floor stand
flat TV floor stand
Turn up your viewing experience
For Flat TV models: 32PF5521D, 32PF7521D, 32PF7321, 37PF5321, 37PF9631D,
37PF9731D, 37PF5521D, 37PF7521D, 32PF7321, 37PF5321,42PF9631D,
42PF9731D, 42PF5521D, 42PF7521D, 42PF7421D, 42PF7321, 42PF5321, 42PF5331,
50PF9631D, 50PF7521D
Design that blends with your interior
• Sophisticated design with high quality aluminium and glass
Designed for your convenience
• Can be used free standing or wall mounted
• Height adjustable for ideal viewing height
• two removable shelves for peripherals
• 2 Shelves, offering space to 4 peripheral devices
• Cable management system to hide your cables
flat TV floor stand
Product highlights
• Materials used: Frame - aluminium, Shelves clear glass
• Stand colour: Silver aluminium
• Stand dimensions (W x H x D):
890 x 1012 x 627 mm
• Stand weight: 25.2 kg
• Box dimensions (W x H x D):
1000 x 250 x 740 mm
• Weight incl. packaging: 27.5 kg
• Height bottom shelf: 176 mm
• Depth bottom shelf: 423 mm
• Width bottom shelf: 460 mm
• Depth top shelf: 360 mm
• Width top shelf: 460 mm
Sophisticated design
Free standing or wall mounted
Height adjustable
two removable shelves
2 Shelves for peripherals
Cable management system
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