Acer | SO.CAG05.C07 | Datasheet | Acer G540 addtional Hot Swap SAS/SATA HDD cage

How To add the 2nd SAS/SATA Cage
Opening the SAS cage option box, you will find these parts:
Look at the rear part of the SAS backplane and check the jumper
(792D_ID1).It must be positioned in 2-3 pins.
- Metal cage with sas backplane
- SAS B/P peering cable
- B/P Management cable
- Sata to SAS cable
Insert the cage in the second slot and then connect the peering cable to the J4
connector as shown in the picture. The white cable must be on the white pin.
Please connect the other end of the cable to the same connector on the 1st
cage taking care of the color cable position. The cable must be connected in
the same way on both ends.
All the How To guides can be found on
SO.CAG05.C07 - G540 addtional Hot Swap SAS/SATA HDD cage with 4 dummy trays and cable
The B/P Management cable is necessary only if you are
installing the 1st sas cage in the system
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