FB-2862C - TOA Electronics Pte Ltd

FB-2862C - TOA Electronics Pte Ltd
Ceiling Subwoofer
Low frequency range
& high-quality sound output
FB-2862C Ceiling Subwoofer
TOA’s ceiling subwoofer FB-2862C offers an attractive exterior design created by an interior designer to blend it naturally to any
architectual space, enhacing the immediate area’s sense of harmony. The bass reflex speaker system designed to provide low
frequency range and high-quality sound output, ideal for locations with high ceiling or places that requires true-to-life sounds. The
FB-2862C permits versatile mounting to match a wide range of applications and installation locations with the use of its optional
mounting hardware.
Key Features:
• 16 cm (6.5”) cone-type, 60W continous
• Tapping switch allows for 70V/100V or 8Ω operation • Rotating grille for quick & convenient installation
• Low pass filter with overload protection
Installation Example
A-5012 Amplifier
Network Audio
MP3 Audio
FB-2862C AS
Rated Input
Power Handling Capacity
60W (High Impedance)
Continous: 60W (8Ω) (IEC60268-5), Program: 120W (8Ω)
100V line: 170Ω (60W), 330Ω (30W), 670Ω (15W), 3.3kΩ (3W)
70V line: 83Ω (60W), 170Ω (30W), 330Ω (15W), 670Ω (7.5W), 3.3kΩ (1.5W)
25V line: 83Ω (7.5W), 170Ω (3.7W), 330Ω (1.9W), 670Ω (0.9W), 3.3kΩ (0.2W)
8Ω (120W)
87dB (1W,1m) installation in ½ free sound field (Measured by installing the unit in the center of a ceiling or wall)
81dB (1W,1m) installation in free sound field (Measured in anechoic chamber)
60-250Hz (-10dB) Installation in ½ free sound field (Measured by installing the unit in the center of a ceiling or wall)
Low frequency: 16 cm (6.5”) cone-type
φ 250mm (Maximum ceiling thickness: 37mm)
Removable locking connector with screw-down terminals (2 input terminals & 2 bridge terminals)
Solid copper wire: φ0.5 - φ1.6mm (equivalent to AWG No. 24-14)
Stranded copper wire: 0.2 - 2.5mm² (equivalent to AWG No. 24-14)
Enclosure: Steel plate, plating, Baffle: Fire-resistant ABS resin (UL-94 V-0), black,
Rim: Fire-resistant ABS resin (UL-94- V-0), white (RAL 9016), Punched net: Steel plate, white (RAL 9016) paint
φ280 x 198 (D) mm (φ11” x 7.79” )
6.3kg (including mounting accessory)
Grille x 1, Ceiling reinforcement x 1, Safety wire x 1, Paper pattern x 1
Anchor hanging bracket: HY-AH1, Tile Bar Bridge: HY-TB1
Sound Pressure Level
Frequency Response
Speaker Component
Mounting Hole
Input Terminal
Usable Cable
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