The CDS-300 and 302 Series Composite Switcher Distribution

The CDS-300 and 302 Series Composite Switcher Distribution
The CDS-300 and 302 Series
Composite Switcher Distribution Systems
The Next Generation of Composite Switching and Distribution...
The CDS-300 and 302 Composite Audio Switcher/Distribution Systems are the composite switching
and distribution solution. Both units features a completely D.C. coupled signal path for excellent
stereo performance. Next is an RBDS loopthrough feature that allows either of the two inputs to be
routed to an RBDS generator for pilot lock and sub carrier generation. The RBDS output can then be
reinserted to feed the distribution system. Input termination and balancing are done easily at the rear
panel with the flick of a switch. These units work anywhere in the world as their power entry is
designed to accept most power sources. Remote control and status are available at the rear panel. The
CDS-300 is a standard two input switcher. The CDS-302 is identical to the CDS-300 but features a
silence sensor for automatic switching of inputs when predetermined silence is detected.
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These units were designed with the future in mind. There is an auxiliary port available on the main pc
board that can accept optional modules that will allow you to interface virtually any signal configuration to the composite or digital input of an exciter. Changing broadcast technology and tight budgets
mean solutions must be had for low cost. Now, with the series of auxiliary modules available for both
units, you can interface most any signal to any exciter. You might still be running a composite STL
along side a new digital codec. The digital system is your main and your STL is a back up. With the
DTC-1 AES input module you can switch both to a composite input of a pair of exciters. Or maybe you
already own a digital input exciter but still want to use your old composite STL or composite output
audio processor. This is no problem either. The CTD-1 composite to AES module allows you to switch
two composite sources by converting them into an AES3 stream that can be fed to two digital input
exciters. The composite analog outputs are also available at the output of the DA for application to
composite input equipment. You might have a left and right output from a processor or codec that you
would like to have as a composite source for your exciter. Use the SGM-1 stereo generator module for
this application. Perhaps you have a composite signal that you desire to decode back to left and right.
Use the SDM-1 stereo decoder module to decode the output of the internal switcher for this purpose.
Both units can be ordered with or without auxiliary module, the choice is yours. The system configuration can be changed later by simply installing the desired module. BDI is a leader in composite/
digital switching and distribution products. Call us today for your application
requirements. Call your local broadcast dealer for pricing and delivery.
Broadcast Devices, Inc.
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System Simplified Block Diagram
and Optional Modules
Rear Panel Loop Through
Loop IN
Loop OUT
Rear Panel
Input Switcher
Front Panel Test
Three Output Composite Distribution
AES Tranceiver-D/A
Converter/Frame Rate
Composite Stereo
DTC-1 AES to Composite
A/D Converter/AES
Composite Stereo Decoder
This module accepts an AES3 compatible
stream, converts it into a baseband composite
signal for application to the B input of the
switcher. A frame rate converted AES3 output
is available at the rear panel too. - Possible
uses include interface to a digital codec or STL
to an existing analog exciter.
This module accepts the selected composite output
of the switcher and converts it to a pair of AES
signals for application to digital exciters or other
equipment. The composite outputs are available to
feed analog exciters simultaneously.
CTD-1 Composite to AES Module
Left In
Active Transformer
Right In
Composite Stereo
This module accepts an analog Left/Right and
converts it to a composite signal for application
to the B input of the switcher. If required,
switchable pre emphasis is provided.
SGM-1 Stereo Generator
Left Out
Active Transformer
Right Out
Composite Stereo Decoder
SDM-1 Stereo Decoder Module
This module accepts the output of the switcher
and converts the incoming signal into a decoded
left/right signal. Possible uses include demodulation for application to an AM transmitter, analog
processor or for interface to a monitor amplifier.
If requried, switchable de emphasis is provided.
Technical Specifications
Maximum Output Level:
Switchable Loop through
Frequency Response:
Total Harmonic Distortion:
Signal to Noise Ratio:
Remote Control:
Silence Sensor Delay:
Power Requirements:
Physical Dimensions:
2-Balanced or unbalanced 10K or 50 ohm input
3- Unbalanced 50 ohm, two rear panel 1 front
10 V Peak to Peak into 50 Ohm load all outputs
Routes output of the switcher to a rear panel
BNC connector for application to external RDS
generator. Second BNC connector accepts
output of RDS generator which is routed to the
distribution amplifier
+/- 0.1 dB from 20 Hz. to 100 KHz.
Less than 0.02 % @ 400 Hz.
80 dB or greater referenced to 3.5 V P to P Output
Via 9 Pin D connector. Channel Selection and
Dry contact NO/C/NC status.
30 or 60 Seconds user defined (CDS-302 only)
120/240 VAC @0.25A. 50-60 Hertz.
19” W X 10” D X 1.75”H Standard EIA 1 Rack
0 - 60 degrees C. non condensing atmosphere
The above specifications are identical for both the CDS-300 and CDS-302 except where noted.
Broadcast Devices, Inc.
5 Crestview Avenue, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 Tel. (914) 737-5032 Fax (914) 736-6916
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