Agilent M9048A PCIe Desktop PC Adapter
Agilent M9048A PCIe Desktop PC Adapter
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The M9048A PCIe® desktop PC adapter provides a highperformance (Gen 2 x8) link between a host PC and PXIe or
AXIe chassis.
The M9048A utilizes a PCIe switch and clock isolation to
provide a high-quality clock source driven down the PCIe
cable to the PXIe or AXIe chassis. As a result, the adapter
always provides the same, high-performance Gen 2 link,
independent of the PC. It can also operate in most Gen 3
PC slots because the PC can train to Gen 2.
The adapter is compatible with desktop or rackmount
computers that have either x8 or x16 PCIe expansion slots
(mechanical). It connects directly to the M9502A/5A AXIe
or M9018A PXIe chassis with a Y1202A PCIe cable.
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Spec ific ations and Charac teristic s
H ar dwar e
Card format
PCIe half-card format
(half-height and half-width)
Computer expansion
slot compatibility
x8 and x16, Gen 1, 2, or 3*
55 mm (2.2 in) x 114 mm (4.5 in)
Number of PC slots
You r be n e fit
Data bandwidth (max)
4 GB/s (Gen 2 x8 PC slot)
PC host clock isolation
Provides superior computer
x8 PCIe IPASS cable connector
Card indicators
LEDs for link status and transport mode
IDT PCIe switch
Compatibility with PCs that
have Gen 3 PCIe slots
Power consumption
7 W (typ)
Gen 2 x8 PCIe capability
Enables high-performance
Cable length
Up to 2-meter passive cable
PCI bracket
Standard PCIe over cable
Connects a PXIe or AXIe chassis
to PCs with expansion slots
Includes both low profile and standard
profile brackets
0 C - 55 C
Transparent operation
with application software
Delivers ease of installation
M 90 4 8 A
PCIe desktop PC adapter
M a i n F e a tur e s and B e ne fi t s
Pr o duc t f ea tu re s
* The M9048A is designed to be compatible with most Gen 3 PCIe PC
slots, but the PC will train to Gen 2.
T yp ic a l Pr o d u c t C o n fig u r a t io n
Desc r i pt i on
PCIe desktop PC adapter
2m PCIe cable
Or d er in g I n fo r m a t io n
Desc r i pt i on
R el at ed pr oduc t s
Figure 1. M9048A and Y1202A
CFC Clock
PCIe desktop PC adapter: Gen 2, x8, clock
100 MHz
CFC Clock
PXIe chassis: 18-slot, 3U, 8GB/s
PCIe cable interface: Gen 2, x8
PCIe ExpressCard adapter
AXIe chassis: 2-slot with integrated
system module
AXIe chassis: 5-slot with integrated
system module
x8 PCIe
x8 PCIe
PCIe cable: x8, 2.0m
PCIe Cable Connector
(to PXIe/AXIe Chassis)
Figure 2. M9048A block diagram
PCIe® is a registered U.S. trademark and/or service mark of PCI-SIG.
PCIe Card Edge
Connector (PC)
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