Philips Super Ergo Base
monitor accessory
No more eye strain
and body stress!
Super Ergo Base provides your LCD monitor with full ergonomic functions. It delivers
the most comfortable experience to your eyes and your body, limiting the physical
effects of long hours working in front of your monitor.
Maximum comfort for maximum productivity
• 90 degrees portrait and landscape display
• Adjustable screen height for the ideal viewing angle
• Screen tilt and swivel adjustment for an ideal viewing angle
Great convenience
• Conveniently manage, store and protect cables
monitor accessory
Product highlights
Pivot: 90°
Swivel: +/- 45°
Tilt: -5° to 25°
Height Adjustment: 130 mm
• Stand dimensions (W x H x D):
403 x 298 x 230 mm
• Max stand height: 428 mm
• Stand width (inches): 15.9 inch
Stand height (inches): 11.7 inch
Stand depth (inches): 9.1 inch
Max stand height (inches): 16.9 inch
Stand weight: 2.5 kg
Stand weight (lbs): 5.5 lb
Weight incl. packaging: 3.54 kg
Weight incl. Packaging (lb): 7.8
Related Products
• Compatible with: 170B7
ScreenRotate makes it possible to use a monitor in
either the landscape and portrait mode; to change
orientation for a better view of a selected document or
image, the monitor is rotated to the desired orientation.
Adjustable height
Adjustable height is the ability of a monitor to travel up
or down on its base and lock into position when the
desired height is reached, delivering a comfortable,
individualised viewing angle that is just right for the
user's height, weight, body-type and posture, alleviating
possible eyestrain or fatigue that can come from long
hours working on a computer.
Screen tilt and swivel
Screen tilt and swivel is a mechanism built into the base
and permits the monitor to swivel and tilt backward or
SEB cable management
Cable management is a system that maintains tidy
workspace by organising cables and wires required for
the operation of a display device.
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