Winscribe Pocket Author for Healthcare

Winscribe Pocket Author for Healthcare
Dictation Software for Pocket PC’s
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare
In today’s healthcare environment it is critical that hospitals
offer physicians the ability to dictate wirelessly and on the
move without compromising access to dictation and clinical
“When using their
PDA’s the authors
love the fact that the
patients’ names are
automatically attached
to their dictations, as it
automates the process
for them”
With this in mind, WinScribe has developed WinScribe
Pocket Author for HealthCare, a dictation
application providing a user-friendly interface for
dictating on handheld PC’s or mobile devices that
use the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system.
Jayne Radek
Director of
Midwest Heart
• Anywhere, anytime dictation and review
- minimize lost time and productivity when out of the office
and achieve a more proactive response to clients
• Fully featured finger touch control
- ease-of-use
• Secure voice and data transmission
- maintain high levels of client confidentiality
• High quality – low bandwidth audio format
- high quality voice recordings
• Increased staff productivity
• Speech recognition integration
- improve document turnaround time
• Faster document turnaround
• Online/Offline functionality
- dictate even without a connection
• Better workflow management
• Wireless 802.1, ActiveSync, GSM, GPRS connectivity
- keeps users informed, view job status, change priority, review work –
wirelessly, anywhere
• Fully integrated with the WinScribe product
• Flexible working practices
• Mobility and Ease of Use
The WinScribe Solution
Anywhere, anytime dictation
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare offers
unparalleled functionality to speed up work
turnaround. With options to route work directly
to a transcriptionist or typing pool you have
the power of choice in your hand. Dictation
can be uploaded anywhere, anytime with client
demographics attached, ensuring document
accuracy and accelerating the transcription
The WinScribe
PDA application
communicates with
the WinScribe server
via HTTP or HTTPS.
This allows authors
to dictate while
on the move and
have the voice files
automatically sent to
the server whenever
a connection is
present. Connection
methods that allow
us to work this way
include Wireless
technology, GSM/
Cellular, etc.
When a connection is not readily available,
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare is also
able to work in offline mode. In this instance,
voice files are stored on the local device until
when a connection is present, or when the PDA
device is docked in its cradle connected to a PC
with Microsoft ActiveSync installed.
Fully featured finger touch control
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare provides
for single-handed operation and finger touch
control of all dictation functions. Options exist
for record, record-insert, record-overwrite and
job priority. The interface and finger control
buttons can even be reversed to suit your
working style whether you are left handed or
right handed.
Secure voice and data
We recognize that you need to protect
sensitive voice and data. WinScribe Pocket
Author for Healthcare can be configured to
use 128-bit encryption ensuring patient/
client confidentiality is never compromised.
“Our authors enjoy the
choices they have in
dictation devices and the
ease of transmitting files.”
High quality – low bandwidth
audio format
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare
uses the latest voice compression
technology to produce high quality voice
recordings offering up to 5 hours of
recording on a standard 64 MB memory
card. Users can either dock their device or
connect wirelessly to automatically upload
Michele Fish
Just the Type
Speech recognition integration
WinScribe Pocket Author for Healthcare
records using high quality audio suitable
for use with WinScribe’s server based
speech recognition solution. Authors are
free to dictate anywhere, anytime and
have their dictation automatically routed
for recognition. This optional functionality
greatly improves document turnaround
Operating systems
The following operating systems
are compatible with WinScribe
Pocket Author for Healthcare:
• Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
• Windows Mobile Version 5.0
• Microsoft Pocket PC
Version 3.0
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