Capture video into iMovie HD.

Capture video into iMovie HD.
Capture video into iMovie HD. 1) First connect a video camcorder to the Mac using a Firewire cable (4‐pin to 6‐pin). The 4 pin side goes into the camcorder usually located behind the LCD screen. The 6 pin side goes into the back of an iMac monitor or front of a Mac Pro tower. 2) Power on the camcorder and put it into VTR or Video playback mode. 3) Then launch iMovie HD under ‘Applications’ then ‘iMovie previous version’ then ‘iMovie HD’ 4) Choose ‘Create a New Project’ 5) Make sure to give the Project a name and choose the correct video format. DV (full frame), DV Widescreen for standard definition, or HDV 1080i. *Note: iMovie HD will not allow importing 1080i into a standard definition timeline. 6) Click Create 7) Next click on the camera symbol to switch to capture mode. 8) Then choose the camera name ‘ZR930’ from the drop down list. The Built‐in iSight is available here as well. If connected properly a blue screen will appear with the option to click on ‘Import’. 9) Click ‘Import’ and your movie will begin capturing. The replay controls can be used to pause, stop, fast‐forward, or rewind the camera. All clips will appear in the clip bin. (Optional) It’s a good idea to check out the default Preferences before capturing. Go to ‘iMovie HD’ and then Preferences. Click on the ‘Import’ icon Here you can choose if you want a new clip to be created each time you started and stopped the camera when recording (ie: scene break). Or uncheck ‘Automatic DV Pillarboxing & Letterboxing’. This takes a while if you accidentally capturing a widescreen video into regular DV (full frame) or vice versa. Limiting scene length, filter audio from camera, and changing clip placement can be modified in the preferences also. 
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