Canon 2067B024 Datasheet

Canon 2067B024 Datasheet
Canon Inc. 08.08.03
Attention: Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
Users of Canon camcorder products have reported to Canon incidents of leakage and/or
explosions of rechargeable batteries. These incidents appear to have been caused by
certain NON-CANON LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACKS marketed by non-Canon
companies for use with Canon camcorders and digital cameras, and which lack important
safety protective devices. Use of these battery packs may therefore result in damage to
your Canon product and, potentially, damage to you (including fatal bodily injury) or to
your other property.
A LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACK, as opposed to a nickel-cadmium battery pack and
other types of battery packs available to users, requires the incorporation of certain
protective devices in order to prevent malfunction and, consequently, damage to you,
your Canon product and your other property. Certain NON-CANON LITHIUM-ION
BATTERY PACKS may not be equipped with such protective devices.
Canon therefore recommends that you use CANON GENUINE LITHIUM-ION
BATTERY PACKS, which are equipped with the required protective devices*, with your
Canon camcorder and digital camera product. Otherwise, you should convince yourself
that any NON-CANON LITHIUM BATTERY PACKS you use are fitted with
appropriate protective devices.
Please be advised that Canon has assumed no liability for any damages caused by
NON-CANON LITHIUM BATTERY PACKS in your Canon camcorder or digital
1) Electric protective devices: Protection against over-charging, over-discharging,
short-circuit, over-current.
2) Protective function in the battery cells: Protection against over-heating, safety
valve for explosion and shutdown mechanism against over-current are designed.
Furthermore, the whole battery cover is made of fire resistant for more safety.
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