ATCi Link 4i Rackmount Chassis
ATCi Link4i
Rackmount Chassis
• The enclosed redundant power
supplies have improved cold
weather specification allowing
outdoor usage wherever
the transmitter modules will work.
(-25C -+70C)
The ATCi Link 4i Chassis provides the most economical means of using
inter facility fiber optic links in a 19” rack environment.
• DB 25 front panel connector
allows for remote (M&C) access
to all alarms provided by the
transmitter modules as well as the
status of the redudnant power
supply. Access to the alarms is in
the form of a separate dry contact
pair for each alarm.
• Chassis mounting tabs are
reversible to allow front or rear
mounting to rack rails.
The Link 4i Chassis can be installed into any 19” rack occupying only
2RU of panel space. Fiber optic cables are connected directly to the
individual modules. Coaxial cables can also be connected directly or can
optionally be connected to the ATCi Monitor Port Panel which provides
a -15db monitor port for up to eight modules and occupies only 1RU of
panel space.
The Link 4i Chassis houses two completely independent power supplies
each being 24VDC @ 150W to supply voltage to the installed modules
and any LNBs attached to installed transmitters provided they are DC
coupled. These rugged supplies can be used in outdoor enclosures and
will withstand the same environment as the modules. The power
supplies are completely redundant and may be hot swapped after a
failure. The backup supply is completely unpowered during normal
operation to ensure its life expectancy and is automatically swapped
for a failed primary supply in a few milliseconds. LEDs on the chassis
front panel indicate the status of all monitored functions of both Tx
and Rx as well as the status of the power supplies. All front panel LED
indicators may be monitored remotely as dry contact closures using the
installed DB25 connector on the front panel. Chassis mounting ears are
reversible and chassis slides can be provided.
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