Philips 1145AZ User manual

Philips 1145AZ User manual
CD radio cassette recorder
CD Sound machine
• 14-key remote control
Slimline system remote for convenient operation of CD, volume
and tuner controls.
• Digital tuner with 30 station presets
Provides fast, accurate tuning to your favourite stations.You can
store up to 29 FM and MW stations in memory for fast, easy
• Direct station preset
Tuning made easy.Tune to any of your 3 favourite radio stations
at the touch of a button.
• Dynamic bass boost
Enhances bass tone frequencies to give deep, rich sounds.
• 20-track programmable
Stores up to 20 of your favourite CD tracks for playing back in
your order of preference.
• CD synchro start recording
Synchronises the start of a recording on audio cassette with the
start of a CD at the touch of a button.
• CD rewritable compatible
CD radio cassette recorder
Standard product information
Compact disc player
Top loader
20 Track CD programme
Shuffle and repeat function
CD next/ previous track search
CD music search
CD synchro start recording
Product highlights
Cassette deck
Single stereo cassette deck
Normal tape type
Full auto stop
Automatic recording level control
• Digital tuning
• 30 Station presets
• Wavebands
/00, /05
/01, /11, /10, /13
• Frequency ranges
: Stereo/MW/LW
: FM stereo/AM
: FM stereo/MW
: FM 87.5 - 108 Mhz
: AM 530 - 1710 kHz (/17)
: MW 525 - 1607 kHz
: LW 148.5 - 284 kHz
• Telescopic aerial for FM reception
• Ferroceptor for AM reception
• Compact disc digital audio player
Compact Disc technology that combines superb digital sound quality with
the convenience of random track access and CD functions like CD
programme, Shuffle Play and Repeat.
• Repeat one/ all
Repeats the current track, the total CD, or your pre-selected programme.
• Shuffle play
Plays disc selection randomly, giving you a new sequence of tracks each
• Stereo cassette deck
Play back recorded tapes on this full-functional stereo cassette deck, and
record from the built-in CD player or tuner.
• Six-digit multi-functional display
Displays CD player information (track, playing time and play modes) and
Tuner information (tuned frequency and stereo reception).
• 3” Full-range speakers
For excellent sound performance across the entire audio frequency
• Metal speaker grilles
Grilles covered with acoustically neutral cloth to protect the speaker.
• 6-Digit LCD display
Sound system
Output power
: 2 x 1.6 W RMS
Dynamic bass boost
2 x 3” Speakers
Metal speaker grilles
Up/ down digital volume control
Power supply
• AC/DC Operation
• Batteries
6 x 1.5V, R14 cells
3.5 mm
290mm W x 271 mm D x 166 mm H
360mm W x 330mm D x 230mm H
3.0 kg
4.0 kg
230V, 50Hz
120 V, 60 Hz
120/230 V, 50 Hz
240 V, 50 Hz
• Stereo headphones
Remote control
• 14-Key remote control
Dimensions product
Packaging dimensions
Weight of product
Weight including packaging
Power supplies
/00, /05, /13
/01, /11
Printed in Hong Kong
Subject to modification without notice
© 1999 Royal Philips Electronics
All Rights Reserved.
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